Decisions Decisions

I’ve found myself stuck watching the kids play Minecraft Story Mode by Tell Tale Games. No spoilers. The story is interesting. The characters are fun. And more interesting to me, is the thought of, if Minecraft could be combined with Minecraft Story Mode I would give the game a try. I like the idea of having a campaign to play in the sandbox world with goals to complete and items to find that you can’t craft in game.

I had heard a lot of good things about Tell Tale Game’s episodic stories, but until Minecraft had not played or watched any. Now I am wondering how much enjoyment I would get from playing. Quick Time Events annoy me, which there are a lot of, but watching the kids choose a dialog option and then seeing the results of those choices stick with them is fascinating. That is probably what gets me to sit down and give the series a try.

Prior to getting sucked into the kids activity, I spent time packing. As much stuff as I have packed, there is more to do. Although this is a diminishing activity (each thing I pack is one less and eventually everything will get packed), it feels like I am behind in packing and have so much more to do. Today for example, packing games.

We have a lot of games. A lot. The list does not cover all of the games. Games like books are heavy, in some cases heavier. Games like books have their time and then sit around a lot gathering dust. Normally, this is fine. Now is not normal, we are moving soon. How many heavy boxes full of stuff that has had its day do we want to move?

The answer is not many. Decisions on which books to keep and what to do with unwanted books are so much easier. Crap book, no need to pack. Reference book, pack. And so on. Unwanted books travel a short distance to a used bookstore where they will find a new owner. I like this circle of enjoyment for books.

Games…not so much. There are few games here that all of us agree on, stay or go. There are far more where one or more person has a fond memory of or something that keeps them from wanting to get rid of it. Its an interesting discussion, because a passionate, “We did this and that” while playing a game or a good “Do you remember that time” can sway those on the fence. Unfortunately, I do not want to move a ton of games that have not been played in a while because one or two people have a good story to tell.

What happens when the game gets to the new place? I can tell you after a lifetime of moving games, games that do not get played in one home do not suddenly become popular in a new place. And that is why I don’t want to move all of them. But the question remains what goes and what does not…for me a good chunk of what goes has already been packed, these are the games we were playing every weekend.

The rest…who knows at this point.



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