Blowing Robotech RPG Tactics Smoke

I should not have been surprised at all with the end result of our attempt at a home, after all I have been listening to the same lines from Palladium Books about the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter. At least Kickstarter has the decency or smarts to remain quiet and not make things worse by…well see below from today’s (the first in 3 months) “update.”

“We apologize for the 3 months of MIA, as we have been working on multiple productions under the Palladium Books umbrella, plus contending with the process of a recovery after an accident.”

Apologize for the 3 months? What about 3 years of nothing? Well not nothing, but definitely not the whole promised package. What are these multiple productions? A good, hell a halfway decent project manager would not use such an ambiguous phrase with customers, they would detail what the “multiple productions” are and where they are in the production cycle. Right now I imagine someone at Palladium Books is using Wikipedia to read about Project Manager. The accident by the way was a broken arm of one person. Nothing that should have shut down Robotech RPG Tactics for 3 months or 3 years or even 3 days. Unless, Palladium Books is one person in which case, suck it up!

“Wave Two Rewards – This is and will remain our first and primary objective with RRT. It has been painstakingly slower than what we ever expected. As mentioned before, we are seeking to make improvements on Wave Two rewards based on your input and what we have learned with Wave One. This includes reduced part count, reduction of seams and better sprue layouts. However, there are many Wave Two figures that have to be reevaluated and quoted by various manufacturers. They have to review each figure, devise ideal part reductions and mold compositions. This process takes considerable time, and is even longer when there is already a pipeline of projects to be quoted ahead of ours.”

I call bullshit! This “first and primary objective” and “seeking to make improvements” and “reduced part count..blah, blah, blah, blah…BULLSHIT! I could have done all of this by myself faster. There are people who are self-producing the miniatures and they are not having any of the issues that Palladium Books is supposedly encountering. Thus, I call BULLSHIT! None of the above is anything one person with reliable access to Google, a good phone, paper-pen, and some uninterrupted time to couldn’t bang out in under two-weeks.

“RRT Relaunch & Support – We have received excellent suggestions, help and support from numerous RRT backers, event planners, avid wargamers, and Megaversal Ambassadors for in-depth insight, suggestions and ideas on how we can best relaunch Robotech® RPG Tactics™ and provide the support you want. And we intend to tap into many more people for their help and feedback, so keep ‘em coming. There are some wonderful plans developing on how to implement some entertaining options for organized game play, RRT community development and much more.”

Why bother? Robotech RPG Tactics is a shitte game. Not only me saying that. Lots of reviews. Plus the game play and numbers behind the game do not work. I should know, I wrote about them. And do not get me started on the quality of the writing. I have failed students who wrote better. Yet…yet, let’s say there are people out there, lots of them, who do enjoy the game for what it is and have been cheerfully chiming in with suggestions, WHAT ARE THEY? “There are some wonderful plans” is a bullshit throwaway statement used by people who don’t have anything. Seriously, if you have something “wonderful” now would be a good time to share them in the hopes of salvaging something from 5k people who originally supported the game.

“Future RRT Products & Support – This applies to all aspects of RRT, from Wave Two fulfillment and beyond. There have been noteworthy discussions as we review ancillary products, event support and organization, and what needs to follow.”

Again, why bother? Unless all of these pieces are being planned now while Palladium Books is working on Wave 2 (history has shown that this is not happening), why bother? Three years have passed with no end in sight, for the initial range of Robotech RPG Tactics. There is more than enough bad press about Palladium Books and Kickstarter to ensure that unless the license is firmly planted in someone else’s ownership, Palladium Books should never have another in-house successful Kickstarter. Don’t talk to me about Savage Worlds RIFTS, Pinnacle handled that themselves, Palladium Books was only a name.

“In the immediate months after Gen Con we expect to be focusing a large amount of our efforts on moving Robotech RPG Tactics™ and Robotech® forward. Please understand, the fulfillment of Wave Two rewards is extremely important to us and we simply want to try our very best to provide the best game pieces and gaming experience that the RRT backers deserve. We appreciate all of your support, ideas and patience, and we sincerely apologize for these delays. You’ll start to see more happening soon.”

Uh huh, sure you will. Palladium Books has not focused on Robotech RPG Tactics, other than to spare fewer and fewer words saying nothing, for the past three years and after 2 Gen Cons. So why would things change now? Oh, sure there has been an influx of cash from their deal with Pinnacle (better have been), but there was 1 MILLION dollars when the Kickstarter finished. I can’t even appreciate the effort to apologize, because even in this missive from Palladium Books there are so many areas to provide details, to demonstrate that anything other than blowing smoke is happening and the author of the missive chose generalities.

Much like our house, “its going to happen,” has happened too late.



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