Can I Be A Critic? Reviews By Our Boy

Yesterday, our boy wanted to know what was required to become a restaurant critic. After a long talk about the responsibilities, obligations, dangers, and need to write he decided to give writing a restaurant review a try. Today, we went to Ju in Grand Rapids to celebrate Barb’s birthday. Ju is a small sushi restaurant that we have frequented many times. That is what you get from me for now. Here is our boy’s review along with photos we took. Enjoy. 🙂

“I found the décor tranquil. The colors and decorations were tranquil. The server was nice, he had a good attitude. The food was OK, compared to last time. The chicken was good and the sauce that came with my meal tasted like a sweet soy sauce. The restroom was clean with an interesting lighting. The desert was OK, I did not like the ice cream.” -D. Richmond

So, that was his first review. As you can see from the photos alone there was a bit more to Ju than he had to say. 🙂

The décor is a modern version of a sushi bar and lounge. Nothing new or special, but done right. The atmosphere is relaxing, encouraging conversation, and taking time to enjoy the food. The music is not loud enough to be distracting, the tables spaced far enough apart to move around and not to have to listen to neighboring tables (unless they are loud).

The server was AWESOME! He, like every other server we have had at Ju, saw to our every need in a professional way. In addition, he took the time to talk to our children about sushi, share his sushi experiences (they made a philly steak and cheese roll), wish Barb happy birthday and brought out her desert. Her desert was mango ice cream with whipped cream and a starburst pattern of butterscotch pudding. I lack words to describe the experience of the desert.

Here is where Ju shines for us, we go for lunch where they have a 2 for $9 or 3 for $12 special. The choices are not limited to sushi rolls, our boy’s tempura chicken, the dumplings, and the edamame came from the 3 for $12. In addition, there are four roll combos which come with choice of miso soup or ginger dressing salad (pictured). We have yet to have OK food. The food is always top-notch, in portion sizes that fill up the belly without empting the wallet. The roll is a wavy pattern is an Akai-Roll. Yes, that is jalapeño peppers on top. I love this roll and because of the spice level, do not have to share with anyone. 🙂

The bathrooms are clean, with interesting lighting, but other than that they are bathrooms. Although, I have it from a reliable source, our girl, that the women’s room has mouth wash. I did not find any mouth wash in the men’s room, only towels for the hands and a faucet that had more controls than I thought necessary. 🙂

If you are in Grand Rapids, want sushi, hit up Ju for lunch.



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