Oh Creativity Where Art Thou?

I used to be a creative person. It wasn’t that long ago either. I have a notebook from a week or two ago, give a week or two ago, where I started work on the background for a setting, preferably for a series of stories, but could be turned into a setting for a game. Either way, a detailed setting with characters was unfolding. A friend of mine asked me to assist on a set of rules and then with a game setting. Happy to oblige I did both…notice the past tense.

Admittedly, the whole home thing threw me for a creative loop, but I thought I would have rebounded by now. Nope. Not even close. Not even with Minecraft sideways thinking; I do have a rather nice monorail system connecting my castle with the bases of the kids. Constructing a monorail system is not why I play Minecraft, but the reason I do play Minecraft is eluding me.

Floating around my skull at all times are the logistics of the move.

  • What is packed?
  • What needs to be packed?
  • What order should the remaining stuff get packed?
  • Can I pack the kitchen?
  • Do we need clothing?
  • When the move starts what order is this house moved into the new house?
  • Why is the bank sending us paperwork for a loan that the bank told us we don’t qualify for?

And so on…I wouldn’t mind if the logistics worked with creativity and I could do both, but as stated earlier and many times before this whole move thing has thrown all of us for a loop. I thought I was on the downside of the loop though.

I can jot down notes for future creative ideas, but nothing more than notes. I don’t mind notes, except when all I have is notes. I want to force creativity to come back, but the more I try to be creative the more Minecraft I find myself playing. Have I mentioned, I hate Minecraft?

Funny thing when asked for something creative, like my friend did, I can quickly come up with an answer and elaborate upon that answer and it looks good. Guess what happened later that night when I went to expand upon it? If you guessed, nothing followed by Minecraft and more nothing, you would be correct.

It bugs me. I know why, which is nice, I am not floundering about pained by my lack of creativity because it is the middle of semester and I am buried under a ton of busy work. I am actually busy, but I’d like a bit more creativity during this period is all.

Oh Creativity Where Art Thou?



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