Reading Graphic Novels and Relaxing

A day for relaxation before the start of another busy time. Move in date is in 9 days and there is plenty of packing left to do. At least plenty to do from the perspective of typewhatevermakesalotoflistsandignores them person. I see stuff that should be in boxes or needs to be in boxes or soon will be in boxes or will get into a box or else everywhere I turn. Sure some of that stuff is in stores or other people’s places, but damnit, those things I see should be in boxes. Everything should be in boxes!

Sorry about that. I see boxes everywhere.

For my day of relaxation I spent the day, up to this point, in the kitchen and enjoying for the first time in a long time comic books. Kitchen part is easy a strawberry sauce, a plum sauce, a peach sauce, and a lemon sauce for starters. Rice in the rice cooker and chicken cut into chunks for frying later. Lemon chicken is the intended dish, but if someone wants to make strawberry, plum, or peach chicken more power to them. I was going to make crab rangoon, but not feeling having to stand over a fryer twice.

Comic books have been a pain. I used to be an avid comic book reader with a large collection, most of which I sold off long ago. Until today, my collection consisted of a few graphic novels and a complete collection of Dynamo Joe. After last weekend and this weekend, the family collection (as I am calling it now) has expanded greatly. Thanks to a buy 2 graphic novels get 1 free sale at Barnes and Noble I have both kids and all of the adults reading comic books. It is great.

For someone who was into comic books or for someone who has never venture into comic books, purchasing graphic novels can be a major pain in the ass. Once I removed the nostalgia part of the equation, such as really wanting to get graphic novels of the Mutant Massacre and Days of Future Past, the problem became where to start, especially with the kids. Nothing worse than jumping into the middle of a storyline or hitting the end or not knowing what is going on.

Thankfully, and I do mean thankfully, both Marvel and DC recently went through some major rebranding and rebuilding. I am sure comic book purists were pissed that everything changed. I am not. All new stories at the beginning. These allow everyone to read a graphic novel and not wonder what they are missing. Instead, start at the beginning and if they like what they read get the next one. Even better they are numbered now (I have no idea how long they have been numbered other than to say, when I was a reader graphic novels were not numbered sequentially for easy purchase).

So here I sit with a bunch of Marvel graphic novels and I am loving every moment. I find out Wolverine is dead, but there is a new Wolverine and I loved the graphic novel. Laura, is a great change of character and at the same time evokes many positive memories of old Wolverine stories. Uncanny X-Men: Superior is an interesting twist, at least to me, on the X-Men trope, plus I am a huge Magneto fan.

The end result, the best result of today’s day of relaxation has been sharing stories that all of us read in graphic novels.

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