To Lazy To Wash Dishes and Other Adventures In Moving

Quick question for blogger buddies and those in the know, I am looking for a place to move the blog or start up a new one without the restrictions that WordPress does, any suggestions (Go Daddy is a no-go for me)?

With that question out of the way, onto life. I should be cooking, but last night’s lemon chicken has wrecked my kitchen. Wrecked I tell you. Doesn’t help that the dishwasher is a POS. Nothing says, “Should wash by hand” like three trips through the dishwasher. Yes, I should wash by hand, but I am (until this very moment) packing boxes.

Lemon chicken for those not in the know, is easy to make: fry chicken, make a lemon sauce, make rice, and combine. As anyone who fries chicken can tell you, frying chicken makes a mess and uses up a lot more dishes than you might think about:

  1. cutting board
  2. knife for cutting of chicken
  3. bowl for marinating
  4. measuring utensils for marinade
  5. bowl for batter, in this case cornstarch
  6. basket for pulling chicken out fryer
  7. rack to drain fried chicken

Keep in mind that is only for frying the chicken. Then there is the sauce, rice, and service:

  1. rice cooker bowl (hand wash and dry, but still)
  2. pot for sauce to mix and cook in (I could have mixed sauce in another bowl, but I am really familiar with making a citrus sauce)
  3. bowl for sauce for service and easy storage of left overs
  4. bowl for fried chicken (two bowls in this case, made a lot)
  5. bowl for rice
  6. serving spoon for rice
  7. serving spoon for lemon sauce
  8. six bowls (family and guests)
  9. six forks (see six bowls)
  10. six cups for drinks

See, lots of stuff and that doesn’t take into account the dishes from earlier in the day sauce making. I don’t mind other than times when the dishwasher is being a butt and I want to cook more food. Of course, tack on packing and not feeling like washing dishes by hand. 🙂

All-in-all, today has been a good day. More stuff packed, means less stuff to pack. In the mood to cook, not sure what yet. The kids are being somewhat helpful, meaning they are not underfoot and when asked do what is asked of them…once you ask once or twice more. Biggest pain today, other than the kitchen, was finally coming to grips with my Robotech RPG Tactics stuff.

I tossed out most of it. Even if there is a Wave 2 and even if there is a complete re-write of the rules that I did not participate in and even if all of that happens and it is perfect, I no longer care. Admittedly, it took a while to get there. For the longest time the box sat at the bottom of a pile of games. While packing the games, I pulled the box out and wondered what should be done with it; I did pay for it, I am still pissed about the whole Kickstarter thing, but we haven’t done anything with the game. Keeping the moving philosophy of “if you haven’t seen it for a year or more, you don’t need it” in mind, I put the miniatures in a box with other miniatures from games we no longer play. Why keep the miniatures? I can paint them later or the kids can practice on them, simple enough.



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