Like An Alligator and Other HOT News

Another day in the bath tub of cool water lounging like an alligator. No prey stopped by. Hell, not even someone with a burger and fries. Thus, I lounged until I could stand the water no more. Roughly an hour, for those interested in my alligator time.

So what happened today?

I spent the day making arrangements to move or start moving on Monday! That’s right long suffering readers, we start moving on Monday. This means I should be returning to regular gaming, food, and reasonable amounts of fun soon. I could barely contain my excitement.

Unfortunately, it was too hot to pack. And I didn’t care! Lounge like an alligator and drive around taking care of business and looking for air conditioning not being used properly. How could I tell? If I wasn’t in the air conditioning, it was not being used properly, that simple.

Best part of setting up everything was discovering since the last time I had to turn on utilities that they have consolidated. This meant instead of four phone calls, I only had to make one. Sure there was a lot of transferring me around, but in the end everything was taken care of. Not bad modern world.

That was my day, taking care of most of the necessary business to start moving next week. There may be a day or two where I do not post because of internet issues, but we will cross that bridge when we get there. Right now I am going to dive back into my tub of water and relax for the rest of the weekend. If all goes well, there will be a game or two to talk about before Moving Monday.


WAIT! Don’t go yet. I have a book review. You know my love of shitty books or crapbooks or whatever term you choose for those serial books usually related to another property, such as Halo books or a Roleplaying Game; you pick them up, happy if it is a good read, and then put them on the shelf to be forgotten for a while. I have a serial book that you should read, ALL of you should read: Liar’s Blade by Tim Pratt.

Liar’s Blade is part of the Pathfinder novel series; each one from what I can tell is self-contained. So no need to worry if you have missed anything, you have not. Liar’s Blade is the first novel with Roderick and his talking sword Hrym. Roderick is not a sword waving hero, he is more roguish, relying on wit, charm, and a good dose of humor and banter with Hrym to get out of trouble. Tim Pratt writes a good book, many times I laughed out loud at a description or dialogue between characters.

Liar’s Blade moves swiftly, but not so swift that you get lost or feel that the author is rushing. The action is easy to follow, not overly complex or filled with useless descriptions. The characters grow throughout the book, especially Roderick and Hrym. If you are looking for a good, light summer read get a copy.

Now you can go about your day. 🙂


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