Crispy Fried Hicken

I see other people in the world feel the pain of the C-key not working, although in this case I am going to guess that the store owner did not have enough C’s. Or there is such a thing as a hicken. Hopefully crispy fried is the preferred cooking style, not that I can imagine soggy fried anything being something you would want to advertise, let alone eat. Oh well, here is to all the missing C’s in the world.

Amazon and forwarding mail have it out for me. For the life of me and my Prime account I have zero idea why anything cannot be shipped to a PO Box. Let’s remove explosive and dangerous, which I can understand, and focus on this is a game. A game in a box the size of which I have gotten shipped to the PO Box before and much larger boxes. Yet, this particular box was a no go. Being quasi-intelligent, I had the box shipped to our current address hoping it would arrive on our doorstep. Nope sent to forwarding hell, where the box/game could languish for another two weeks.

Messed up thing, aside from the whole no shipping to PO Box, why do I pay for the service if you can’t get it to me, is an expansion will arrive before the game. What do you do with an expansion and no main game. Don’t remind me that we are moving next week, I wanted something new and fun to play and write about. So with that out of the way, what do you do with an expansion? I am going to hazard a guess that I will stare longingly at the expansion and dream of better gaming days ahead. 🙂

Next week looks to be a busy week. If all goes well, and when does that happen, Monday we get the keys and start the move one carload at a time. Monday is also when we take care of the remaining bills. Tuesday, the big move day when we have a Uhaul. Wednesday, unpacking and waiting for the cable/internet to show up. Thursday, more unpacking. Friday, finish up and get back to writing. Hooray!

We all know this won’t go according to plan, but at least I have yet another list to read when it all goes sideways. The plus side, we are more than ready to move. Hell, I am looking forward to moving Boxtopolis to a new site. This site will have better parking and a much better view of grass, tree, road, and other stuff not seen at its current location. I may be able to fly the Boxtopolis flag finally; a piece of cardboard on a stick, doesn’t really wave, more of a…piece of cardboard on a stick. We all dream.

Damnit, popped a button on my pants. Not that has anything to do with anything other than the real time nature of my posts and that I need to add “find pants” to my list of things to do.


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