This Old House

The soul of our home has been packed away and awaits the new location.

It took several months to build a bedroom for us. Some of you may remember the series of posts “Room for Fucking” on the old blog. That room which was the center of the house for the adults was taken down today. Took months to build the bed, find the wall art, wall stickers, and various holders for our toys and knick knacks. Months.

Barb built the bedframe herself. We modified the bedframe until it was perfect for…well, you get the picture. Months to find all of the colored fabric that I wove into patterns over the bed. This lowered the ceiling height and cut down on the brightness from the painfully white walls interaction with any light source. On the ceiling and walls hundreds of glow in the dark stars.


Difficult day, head to the bedroom and relax.

Good day, head to the bedroom and relax.

Need some quiet, head to the bedroom.

I think you get the point. No other room in this place has encapsulated our experiences as much as the bedroom and in one hour the bedroom was taken down and packed up. The house feels different. Similar to when we moved in except the potential of the place is gone. For the next people for sure, but we have been here for five years and three months which is one year and three months longer than planned.

For the next people to move in here are a few things to know about this place:

  1. More people than you have keys to this place and there will be times when you are sure that someone has been in here
  2. This place is home to the internet for the string of buildings, which means on occasion IT and internet people will be in your place
  3. There are pipes in the basement that leak and a hole in the basement that water flows in through during heavy rains and after winter. The basement has not flooded, but the potential remains. Numerous calls to maintenance have gotten a lot of “pipes are sweating,” just a heads up
  4. All of the windows leak air, lots of it
  5. All of the windows have violent mold growth; despite regular cleanings with bleach and anti-mold agents, the mold returns like clock work
  6. The front door may ice over during the winter, on the inside
  7. Ants, summer time, lots of ants from all doors and windows
  8. Downstairs bathroom is known to get bees and wasps inside because they nest near the intake vent for the house fan
  9. The house fan is loud and does nothing to improve the quality of the temperature or air
  10. You can hear everything your neighbors are doing and cooking and smoking, house fan only makes the smells better or worse depending upon what they are cooking or smoking. Assume they can hear you.
  11. Parking sucks, get used to it from day one
  12. Snow removal is spotty, sometimes really good, other times invest in a sled dog team, regardless the porch is a death trap unless heavily salted

I could go on, but the next people should learn to enjoy surprises.

Cross your fingers, tomorrow starts the move…




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