Vision (updated)

Move day 2. After a snafu our 17 foot truck when down from a 29 foot truck to a 15 foot truck. Yes, you did read that right. We only needed the truck for the big furniture and totes.

Paul showed up and while everyone else was at breakfast we loaded all but one bed into the truck. Paul had a vison of the truck full and he stuck to that vision. Seeing objects and “knowing” where they fit. Absolutely amazing. Total truck loading time: 1 hour. Load up the cars and most of our old home is at the new place.

Currently, I am at the old place boxing up the last of our stuff. Not much at all. Tomorrow should be the last day other than cleaning. Back to work.

P.S. I typed this using my phone. 🙂

Update: Night One: With the vast majority of our stuff moved we break for dinner. Steak and corn cooked on our grill and eaten outdoors at a picnic table. I do not have words for the happy smiles on everyone’s faces. The kids ran around the yard until nightfall when they stopped long to toast or burn marshmallows. Not bad after two days of moving.


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