The Fall of Boxtopolis

Good morning.

Another gorgeous morning…with the exception of the fan hitting the floor and the sunlight streaming through the one crack in the blinds straight into my eyes and brain…those are minor things, its a good morning. One last day to clean up the old place and then like every other place I have ever lived, I will forget the address and move on. 🙂

Here, it is one box at a time. Despite labels, admittedly I got lazier and lazier with labels as the packing stretched onto the horizon, there have been many “what the…?!” moments unpacking. I finally found the dishes, in a box labeled, “kitchen stuff.” At least the box labeled, “spices duh” had spices, but no spice rack. Ugh!

I am up and running as far as being online and being able to start writing. An awesome component of this place, I have a space to write in. Yes, my own space. There is a window to look out on days when I am stuck or it is too cold to sit outside and write. There is no door, but I don’t care because there is more than enough space for all of my books, which has not happened for a long time. Of course I need some bookshelves first…which box were they in?

Overall, everyone is happier here. Now I know this will change with time as everyone moves from “must leave here” into “now that we are here.” But for right now, even as Boxtopolis is being torn down and nobody understands my box labeling system (not even me), we are happier. We stand on our deck and marvel at how different it feels to have a yard. The kids spend time outside.

My only concern now when they step outside is which one will fall down running around. No more worries about some fucktard speeding through the court. Hell, none of the bullshit involving the court at all. I look out any window and I see signs of nature before I see a road or car. Yesterday and today while putting away mislabeled boxes of “kitchen stuff,” I watched birds hopping around on the trees, doing bird things.

First meal, mac-n-cheese…out of a box. Actually, the first meal was the steak and corn cooked on the grill, but I did not cook that, I was moving stuff. So, mac-n-cheese was the first thing I cooked here. When I find the rice, I am cooking a large batch. Time to get this place smelling like good food. Good food means home and nobody is hungry.

Games, at least those we play and those we want to start playing have been found and unpacked. This weekend should see some game play for the first time in several months. I know it will because everyone is chomping at the bit. I have not had helpers unpacking dishes, but I had several helpers unpacking the four Pathfinder Adventure Card Game boxes. We do have our priorities around here.


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