A Day of Rest

On the 7th day, despite needing to unpack, they rested. Okay, it was another rebellion, this time lead by my body who said, “Enough!”

Break 1The realization that we have moved has not sunk in completely yet. Part of me is still stuck in move mode, which means “go-go and don’t stop” until the work is done. Move mode also comes with dick mode me, where I expect…no demand…everyone work as hard as I am working. This is not possible. I should realize this, but in move mode I want one thing, the move done, and until the move is done I remain in dick mode. A break was necessary for me to switch off and move into Unpack Mode.

Unpack mode is a slower more methodical process. However, in two days I have blitzed through more boxes and stuff than I can count: kitchen done, pantry done, laundry room done, living room done, books done, and games unpacked. A lot unpacked and yet I saw more and more.

Break 2So, my body said nope.

Which meant taking a breath, letting everyone who I had been working hard know today was a day off, and figuring out what to do. We stepped out for a bit.

But before we left, I made rice and prepped for kabobs. Cut up some vegetables and meat, nice thing about kabobs minimal prep compared to some dishes. This grill thing is a lot of fun, saves on dishes, and is getting us to expand the diet again. Plus, I need to practice with the wok before my debut. Speaking of practice, tomorrow I plan on making some Kung Pao chicken for lunch. I don’t know if the kids will eat it, after all there is a red sauce (red means spicy around here), but they may enjoy watching me use a wok or be able to dial 911.

We didn’t go anywhere special; picking up odds and ends to solve various issues around the place along with some sides for tonight. An interesting issue has been the floors. Prior to here, we had carpeting, here we have wood floors. While the kids love sliding around the rooms, I prefer to have something down on the floor for heat in the winter and to give the kids less room to shoot from one end of the house to the other or at least a “softer” place to land when the inevitably fall. Nowhere special was a break and taking a break was the point.

Another break, we broke out Rivet Wars and played a few games. I will write about Rivet Wars in its own post later when we play a few more games, but first impressions fun and quick.

Break 3Back to the day off. 🙂


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