Writing For Myself, A Start

Here I am sitting at a desk, my desk. Not a bento box, not a bench, or anything else even remotely resembling a half-assed attempt to create a writing space for me. And it feels good. Other than the keys on my keyboard that are refusing to operate. Damn keys.

It has been a while, five years give or take a month or three, since I have been able to sit at a desk in front of my computer and type for me. Just me. No homework. No nothing other than what I want to type. Except most of my notes are still packed away. Damn boxes.

And my mind with all of the visions from the past five years of being able to do this one thing. This one thing, went blank. Nothing. How embarrassing or at least how moderately frustrating. And yet, there was hope, some words started dancing around. One word, then two, soon joined by more. Before I knew it, I was writing. Nothing overly special. A start of a longer story, a setting for something bigger, or just the start of writing for myself all over again.

“Rise. Rise!”

The knot of people prostrating themselves before the throne looked up, fear etched on their faces. Moving around, uncertain of what their Lord wanted, as a group they slowly stood up.

“Rise and be gone! I tire of your fawning. I have nothing to offer today, other than my ever shortening patience.”

A rush of movement towards the back of the room, with only those at the rear of the pack, looking back to see if their Lord had moved. Seconds later the room was clear leaving him to his brooding thoughts.

This was his fault, he knew that, but he also knew he had no way of changing the situation. If he knew then what he knew now, he would have never tried to change the world. How could they not see that his way was in their best interest? Why did they fail to understand that he and he alone had the power to make the world better?

Although, looking around he had to admit that the world was far from better. That too was his fault. Not that he caused the damage, but his actions lead to the destruction all around him.

Only a rough 197 words, but its a start. A start is all I have been looking for. Soon enough some additional shelving goes up, which means the rest of the boxes will get unpacked and then writing old and new will resume. That is a day I am looking forward to as much as I have been looking forward to today.


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