At Least I’m Writing

I am surrounded by office supplies. I think I could open up a small office supply warehouse. Need post it notes, in stock. Need pencils, do you want them sharpened or unsharpened? Need a pen, what color and clicky top or twisty bottom? When I purchased this last shelving unit it was to be book overflow, now it is office supply station. You can walk into the library, as we are calling the room where I am writing, grab paper and pen or notebook and paper or anything in between and on your way out, do the same. Once the wall support stuff goes up, this place may resemble more a low-rent office supply warehouse. Either way its my writing space…

when the kids aren’t in here trying to watch some damn TV show on DVD or someone is walking in to find out if I know where something is at. Who do I look like, Smaugh? That dragon knew where everything was located at in his horde, not me, I just packed the boxes and slapped a half-assed label on them. Boy am I regretting that, next time the whole ass label. Shit, with all of the office supplies I should be able to create shipping manifest. Now there is an idea for the next move. Ugh, don’t even want to think about that.

Fun thing about unpacking all of the boxes of office supplies was finding all of the notebooks of all sizes. I like notebooks. I like them a lot. So much, that I will write on a few pages and put them away to be found later. I kid you not, I am looking at around a dozen different notebooks with one to ten pages of notes on a whole variety of things. Nothing more, the rest of the notebooks are blank.  I’d love to say that I had a master plan with each notebook, but it really seems to boil down to, I saw the notebook, liked it, bought it, took it home, and wrote in it for a bit before the next notebook came along.

So here I sit surrounded by office supplies and partial written in notebooks. You would think this would be a writer’s dream, but I have to figure out what to do with the notes in the notebooks. Such as, do I add more to the notes with the knowledge that I may abandon them once again? Do I remove the notes and put them into some file on the computer and forget them? Or something else altogether?

Damned if I know. If this was the first time this had happened I would be surprised, but you can guess I have a lot of notebooks with one or two lines in them. At least I’m writing. 🙂



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