Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Buyers Guide II (link fixed)

A while ago, I wrote the first Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Buyers Guide. After moving and setting up for play again, and on the eve of Mummy’s Mask I thought it would be a good time to revisit that post.

Before making a purchase, I suggest that you visit here and download a rulebook. Plus you can see the support continually offered for Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. If you can, find a local game to try before purchasing. I suggest this because Pathfinder Adventure Card Game can become an expensive hobby. Best to try before buying.

Step 1: Where to Buy

The first thing that you need to decide is where to purchase. There are two options:

  1. purchasing through Amazon where the price tends to be cheaper
  2. purchasing from your local game store (we do not have a local game store)
  3. purchasing from Paizo, where if you sign-up for a subscription you get a 20% discount, promotional cards, and earlier access

Ultimately where you make your purchases is determined by your funds. If you can, I recommend signing up for a subscription through Paizo for the promotional cards, discount, and earlier access.

Step 2: What Do You NEED

For home games you will need one of the following Base Sets to play Pathfinder Adventure Card Game:

  • Rise of the Runelords: standard fantasy adventure (best set for introducing the game)
  • Skulls and Shackles: pirates
  • Wrath of the Righteous: war against demons
  • Mummy’s Mask (October): mummies

A Base Set is a large box that comes with the following:

  • Cards that you will use throughout all six Adventure Decks
  • A starter adventure consisting of 3 to 5 scenarios.
  • Adventure Deck 1. An Adventure Deck is 110 cards for 5 scenarios composing that adventure
  • 7 characters who are suited for the Base Set
  • Dice

Step 3: What Next

After a Base Set, there are plenty of accessories and add-ons to purchase:

Red: Necessary; Blue: Optional

Character Add-on Deck: Each Base Set has a Character Add-on Deck (110 cards) consisting four new characters, and extra cards that are immediately added to the Base Set cards. Character Add-on Decks expand the number of characters available to choose from and allow for players over four.

Adventure Decks: Each Base Set has five additional Adventure Decks 2-6 (remember 1 comes with the base set). Each Adventure Deck continues the adventure with new challenges and rewards.

Class Decks: Class Decks focus on one class, such as Paladin, giving players between 3 (first releases) and 4 (newer releases) characters and cards to support characters of that class. Unless you are like us, and love the game, start with Class Decks for Classes you like or use a lot. Class Decks are necessary for Guild Play.

Play Mats: Each Base Set and Character Add-on Deck has a set of play mats. These colorful foam mats show where cards are placed, making organization a bit easier. In addition, when using a play mat a player may discard a card to draw a card once a game.

Game Mat: A large foam mat with spots for a 1 to 6 player game. The mat does not have spots for everything; such as new card positions that have been introduced since the mat was released (Skulls and Shackles ships come to mind). This mat is very helpful for keeping the game organized.

Iconic Miniatures: A box of six miniatures from the Pathfinder line. Each figure/character has a unique card that is specific to them. The miniatures replace the character tokens, making for a cleaner play area. The cards are nice, nothing game breaking. There is NOT a miniature for every character released to date. Since the original post, Iconic Miniature came to a close after 6 sets.

Digital Game: I wrote about my experiences with the iPad version of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game here.

Step 4: Re-Playability

Okay, so you read all of that and may have thought, “What good is all of that if there are three, soon to be four, base sets?” Pathfinder Adventure Card Game has huge replayability.

  • Characters from any Base Set, Character Add-on Deck, and Class Deck can be used in any Base Set. On our second play through of Rise of the Runelords was completely different because of character choice.
  • Cards from sets can be used to create your own adventures-there is a card creator for people who want to design their own cards and sites hosting fan made adventures.
  • For players with a local game store or group at home to play with, Paizo has Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild.  Official adventure Paths are made available for use in Guild play or at home. If playing in a Guild Game, a Class Deck is necessary.

Since the original post, plenty of material has been added to the game expanding the options and replayability. In October, Mummy’s Mask will be released adding another Base Set and more characters to the mix for more fun and options.


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