Rain, Rain Go Away and Take My Headache Away

I went to bed with a plan to continue the “Writer Series,” (start here) even made notes, but woke up with sinus headache this big…trust me my hands are held wide apart. I hoped that the headache would go away when the rain fell and moved on. The rain has neither fallen nor has the front moved on. Just ouch.

However, there are plenty of people who are having worse days than me (I know at least two personally) So I acknowledge that my headache while inconvenient to my writing plans, is by no means huge, despite how far apart my hands are; amazing I can still type with them this far apart. 🙂

What do you do when bright lights, turning your head, and looking at the monitor hurts the eyes. If you are me, you write in notebooks. Some of you may remember a recent post where I talked about all of the notebooks with one or two pages written in them and then nothing, sure you do, if not here is a reminder. Well, this writing is nothing like that…so far. What I have been working on all day is taking notes from other notebooks and putting them together in one notebook.

Creating a master notebook. That sounds really lame. But trust me this is much more useful than I initially thought. I was working on a story and needed some names and creatures. Flipping through notebooks, I found names and some creatures from another project. This happened a few more times before it hit me to comb through the notes in an effort to put old ideas to use and to bring a lot of unfinished thoughts and ideas together into something new.

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this earlier, say pre-move. I know my back would have appreciated that. Ah well, at least I am doing something with the mess now. Speaking of mess and writing, having a desk (two now) has allowed me to look at projects started pre-college and during college. There is stack of papers with sticky flags for each one of them.

I honestly believe, that FU! Slowcooker is dead as a book. With that in mind, I am going to pull out the last few that are mine and publish them here. After that, who knows, I come up with a few new recipes (is there really such a thing as a new recipe) each year, maybe down the road I will have enough for a pocket sized cookbook. 500 Words looks great. I got a lot of work done before the move. Now, I am picking up where I left off. I doubt I will reach my original goal of by Christmas, but I might be able to hit early next year. The fiction and gaming stuff, is being handled in a new way, nothing definite yet. Writing has commenced. 🙂

Transitioning to something different, despite being a recent graduate and looking forward to having nothing to do with school or classes, seems I forgot that I have children and they do have school and classes. Ugh. Never ends.

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