TPK: Total Party Kill

While TPK may become a chapter title for Puddles and Whiskers, today or last night TPK was the end of our Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Rise of the Runelords marathon. All characters killed by Karzoug the Claimer, a title that made no sense until he claimed all of us.

TPKs are rare in PACG. Very rare. I believe this was our second or third. Usually some off the wall scenario or in this case totally bad luck. I understand that last scenarios for Adventure Paths are supposed to be challenging and this was, but this also has an element of luck that…luck screwed us, plain and simple.

A single stack of fourteen cards. Karzoug the villain, three henchmen: a dragon and two giants, and ten pieces of loot. Sounds pretty simple. Our goal, defeat Karzoug. The hitch, make that two hitches, each turn we must bury a card from our hand and Karzoug is not defeated until the entire deck is gone. In other words, the only way to defeat Karzoug is if he is the last card.

If things go well, such as only drawing Karzoug once or not at all until near the end then Into the Eye (the name of the scenario) should go like this:

  1. Bury a card
  2. Draw a boon, obtain the boon to be buried following turn or
  3. Draw a henchmen, defeat and move on

The hope being that enough boons are gained to offset the bury a card a turn and any damage. Our game went like this:

Draw Karzoug who has an ability, “Succeed at Constitution or Fortitude 15 check.” If you succeed, you only take 2 damage. I was the only character who had a chance at succeeding. If you fail, take 1d4 +1 damage. And that is where the wheels fell of the adventure wagon. Karzoug and his enslaved Blue Dragon, who has a similar ability NUKED us…well more the other players than me.

It was a draw between who went out first, the alchemist or the sorceress. Regardless that left me to fight Karzoug one last time. Suffice to say the game ended like this…


So, now what?

Well, we replay the scenario and hope for better draw. Like I said, TPKs are rare.

And then what, if Into the Eye is the last scenario what will we do? Talk has turned to playing through Wrath of the Righteous, something that has not happened yet. Some of us have played through Adventure Deck 3. Having looked up the FAQ for the set, the big issue that made us quit has been addressed, thus with some trepidation, we are looking that way. After that…Mummy’s Mask or turning Wrath into Adventure Deck 7 for our Rise characters.

For those looking or hoping for more Puddles and Whiskers, they will be returning. I have another revision or two to go before I am happy with how the opening looks. Plus, I am enjoying writing about the duo and am adding to the story. I was about to say tail. 🙂


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