The Great Lawn Mower Rambling

When it rains, it pours or some other cliché that indicates that when life takes a dump you had better not be underneath. We were, unfortunately, underneath the dump again. I swear, while this has not been the worse year on record, this is heading for a place in the top five and there is plenty of time for things to get stupider and worse.

However, most of you are not hear (ha) to read about our ups and current downs. You are here to read about…well, I ‘m not sure. Before this weekend I would have said a mix of things, but mostly life and games. This weekend was all about the games. A link to a year old post, which was recently updated, lead to a flood of traffic I have not seen since the days when I wrote about bondage (Bondage for Beginners) and other aspects of human sexuality.

Thank you mysterious linker. I appreciate the traffic to a post I was happy with and then updated. Funny thing I noticed is that only a few people followed the link in the old post to the new post. Makes me wonder why some people follow links and others do not. Especially when the link indicates a new version is available. Odd is all.

For those hoping the week would start off with more Puddles and Whiskers, have no fear. While working on the latest revision I started world building and story adding to the revision. Thus the delay. I am trying to illustrate a point and at the time follow the adventures of two characters who I happen to like a lot. While dealing with life and first day of school.

No, no. Not first day of school for me. I am done. At least I assume I am done. Grad school is MIA. Oh well. Today was the first day of school for everyone else I know-students and professors. Thus, I was supposed to go to bed early to be wide awake to take our kids to school. I did not go to bed early. Guilty pleasure, plus interest in a local chef on Great Food Truck Race kept me up late. Thankfully, for me, he is out of the race (first one, but when you hit two trucks what did you expect), so I won’t be staying up late for that anymore. Most Food Network stuff bores me anymore. Too many reoccurring chefs, seriously how many times can I see the same chefs on a different show? The answer, one and done (see there is an instance of one and done). 🙂

Lastly, as indicated in the title, there was a lawn mower. As stupid as this sounds, because we were totally fucked by the house disaster, we moved here without a lot of necessary equipment. I mean I can live without a microwave and fryer, but when your place is on just short of 2 acres of land some sort of lawn care device is necessary. I thought goats or lamas, but was vetoed because someone thought that I would end up cooking them at some point while someone else was excited for some pets. Thus, a lawn mower. Cutting (ha) to the chase, ours arrived today in a box. I have never seen a lawn mower in pieces and I hope to never see one in pieces again. My hand ache from putting it together and I am waiting for the rain to pass to mow the lawn or should I say jungle.




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