Puddles and Whiskers Draft 3, Extended

This is material added on, again in rough form. I could tell a few areas that could be improved as I was writing them. I did not stop writing them to improve them because that would have slowed the flow, if that makes any sense. The point is that I wrote them as is to get the…information for lack of a better word out and onto the page. From there I can modify the words into something better.


[continued from here]

“Yes you.”

Whiskers caught Puddles making her infamous, to him, “Who me” gesture; ears forward, eyes wide, and arms held out. He smirked.

“If you weren’t such a push over we wouldn’t be here,” Puddles said while peeking around a corner.

Three days ago...Doctor Dan looked pathetic and desperate. Puddles could not make up her mind what bothered her more. She understood why, but still have some self-respect, especially when seeking out help. She shook her head to snap herself out of her current headspace. Doctor Dan was a client after all and her feelings about the client, as Whiskers was fond of saying, was not important. Or something like that. Doctor Dan reeked of desperation, a very sharp tang in the air. Yep, that was what bothered her more. Whiskers elbowed Puddles. She did her best to look attentive.

“…and where did you say your daughters are?”

“Tumbledown block with their boyfriends,” Doctor Dan mumbled at their desktop.

“What?” Puddles asked a bit too loud; she was losing her patience with this hound dog.

“What my associate meant to say, was could you repeat that,” Whiskers coached Doctor Dan.

Puddles let out an exasperated noise, “Yeah that.”

Doctor Dan looked at both of them, his desperation obvious, “Their boyfriends live in a section of Tumbledown. Near the corner of 5th and East Kira. My girls,” his voice caught as he tried to contain his emotions, “they left a week ago. I haven’t heard from them. The police…”

“Won’t do a thing,” Puddles interrupted. “Familiar story. Okay, we’ll take your case.”

“You will?” Doctor Dan surprised.

“Yeah. So lets talk fees,” Puddles pushed on.

Whiskers put a paw on her arm, a sign to slow down or stop. “Perhaps we should look into his case first,” Whiskers said in that calm, “I know something you don’t” tone that irritated the hell out her. Puddles cocked her right ear at him while flattening the left. “Fine, we will talk bill later.”

“But…” Doctor Dan started.

“Yeah, we got this Doc,” Puddles interrupted.

Two days ago…Puddles flipped her phone open, “You got Puddles. Oh hi mom.”

Whiskers smiled, he always enjoyed the mental and verbal gymnastics Puddles had to go through when her mother called unexpectedly.

“Fine. I’m on a case. Yes, on a case. Do you want to talk to Whiskers, he’s right here. Fine. Okay mom. Yes, I will return the frying pan.” With that Puddles closed her phone and gave Whiskers her “what are you going to do” face.

“You really should buy your own frying pan,” he said.

One day ago…Nothing about this case made any sense. Doctor Dan was a doctor, but worked for Titan Industries, part of their pharmacology division. Other than a parking ticket, there was nothing about him. If he had any children neither Puddles nor Whiskers had been able to discover information about them.

Back to the present…Whiskers stood next to the door listening, paw on his blade. Puddles, pistol and frying pan held ready, crouched next to the door. She looked at him, nodded as he stepped back and kicked the door in.

Puddles rolled into the room, popped up, pistol held out at the crowd staring at her, “Nobody move!”

Then everyone bolted, except two mooks in black who did not look pleased at all. Unfortunately for Puddles and Whiskers, most of the people bolted out of the room through the door she had just rolled through, keeping Whiskers in the hallway.

“So this is how you want to play it,” Puddles said as she leveled the pistol at the mooks.

The discharge of energy, caused her fur to stand up and she wrinkled her nose at the smell of burnt ozone. A purplish-haze popped into existence around both mooks.

“Oh shit.”


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