I Can’t Taste It At All And I Like It

My hands are covered in charcoal, not ink today. I woke up with a list of things I wanted to cook for a Mexican feast. I also woke up with a sinus ick. And I woke up with little desire to write today. Last night, after posting I worked hard gathering together all of the writing I want to work on and work into something a bit more. This explains why today, my head is full of ideas, but not full of energy to write.

Into the kitchen I went. Marinating is fun, I don’t have to do anything other than put some ingredients in a bag or bowl with meat and every now and again flip. Meat that has been marinated on one side only, due to lazy flipper, is half-as-tasty as flipped marinated meat. I’m sure there is a sex joke, innuendo, or advice in that somewhere I just can’t put it together.

Steak, big thick chunk marinating soy, I was going to do garlic and soy and a bit of ponzu, but the meat was looking more like it needed moisture, thus soy only. I will dry rub the shit out o it before putting it on the grill. Now there I am sure is a sex innuendo. 🙂 Chicken on the other hand is getting nothing but salt and pepper before grill time. I have a double batch of tortilla soup slow cooking away, so the chicken is for later.

Because I spent a dollar on a flimsy aluminum tray-pan thing, I want to try it on the grill. I expect it will burn up, but before that happens I am hoping the mess of bell peppers, onion, and garlic cook up well enough to pass as fajita topping. I have hope. I also have hope that I can take a mess of jalapenos, into something equally fun on the grill. I’ m glad the lady at the market gave me extra, she likes to top off containers and she did not know I am the only person in the house who will eat jalapenos. Oh well, time to experiment and I seem to recall something about throwing jalapenos on a fire.

Speaking of experimentation, Barb figured out how to cook corn on the cob on the grill. No, not a great discovery, but given we have owned a grill for all of three weeks, this was pretty cool to us. So where is the experimentation? I am going to try to make some flavored corn, now our boy swears that his cinnamon and sugar corn on the cob was great, “I can’t taste it at all and I like it.” I believe that is an exact quote. I think I will go with some different spices.

While working on meat, setting up for fire, making tortilla soup, I tried my hand at making a non-spicy salsa. Seems all I had to do was chop up everything I normally dice and chop up-onion, tomato (normally roma, but my grandparents gave me some non-roma tomatoes), cilantro, and garlic.

I could go on, but I have to get cooking before it gets dark. Cooking meat in the dark, not so much fun.


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