Return To Wrath Of The Righteous

I believe every Labor Day is a gaming marathon for us. I may have to go back thru posts to make sure, but I seem to recall playing games over long weekends. This Labor Day is no different, we are marathoning Wrath of the Righteous. In our last attempt we made it as far as Adventure Deck 2 before calling it quits. The whole experience being frustrating with a lot of scenario redos and changing of characters to cover deficiencies. So we quit with plans to come back later.

A lot later. Which is where we are now. Last night we finished up the last scenario for Rise of the Runelords without any major hassles. After everyone, but me archived their characters for potential later use, we moved onto character selection for Wrath. Why didn’t I archive my character, because Ostog is fun, he is cool, but he is a one-trick pony. A really good at his one-trick, dealing and taking damage, but not a character I wanted to carry on with pony.

People new to Wrath were warned about our previous experiences with the introductory set of scenarios. Particularly, Elven Entanglement, which we felt was particularly brutal. The gist of the warnings, Wrath of the Righteous is going to be difficult with a lot of unexpected surprises. And that is how we found ourselves with a Paladin, Hunter, and Inquisitor. The kids, who we thought would join in, declined citing our warnings and their memories of previous attempts.

How can I put this…it was cake walk. I have no other words. Instead of a sense of mounting frustration and irritation, we breezed through the introductory scenarios. I am typing this during a break between introductory scenarios and Deck 1. I did do some searching of the Wrath FAQ I found an answer to a couple of questions that had bothered us during our first play through. These answers, such as the one about Elven Entanglement, made our play through smooth.

So into the whee or wee or wei or…nevermind hours of night/dawn we played. The closest we came to dying was during scenario 3. Just a bad combination of Demonic Horde, followed by Demonic Horde, followed by Arboreal Blight or some three turn combination which caused a lot of damage to the Hunter and Inquisitor. The Paladin, due to a lucky break was on the location with the villain, a ton of armor, and worked through the location deck while the two wounded characters capped their locations.

I’m being called back to the table, before I go, Puddles and Whiskers along with the three shorts I posted earlier this week will all get some revision love. Have a good holiday.


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