Happy Birthday Big Man & Why I Don’t Write Poetry

There are few types of writing that I cannot do or feel confident completing. Poetry and birthday wishes standout as top two on my list of cannot do or feel confident. I have never had or developed a talent for poetry. At least the classic versions of poetry; I can write a haiku or two. Non-haiku poetry baffles me. I do not think along the lines necessary to write poetry, so I don’t.

Birthday wishes are a confidence area. A birthday wish or greeting or whatever you choose to call it, is a brief one or two line blurb that goes in a birthday card or on Facebook. And despite my love of 140 character tweets, 500 word  posts, and 1,000 plus word long stories, I never feel confident with my birthday wishes. I wonder if it is the public nature of the thing, when signing cards with nobody else joining in, I write a lot. For public things I always go with some platitude that sounds good, but also sounds like what most people write.

Especially infruiating to me is that I write a very public blog and before this blog wrote extensively about sex and sex I am very familiar with. Thus, embarrassment should not be a factor nor should public opinion. And yet, even today, for my best friend’s birthday thing on Facebook I wussed out.

To make up for wussing out…

Happy Birthday Big Man.

You have been a brother, a friend, and most importantly family to me and mine for longer than either of us care to count. We have caused trouble together, we have caused trouble for each other, we have had plenty of good times, we have played more games than we also care to count and we have always, always been there for each other in the end. There is nothing I would not do for you or yours, as I know there is nothing you would not do for me and mine. On this day of your birth, while I know I cannot be there celebrating with you, know that in my heart and the hearts of my family, we are there with you, celebrating and after everyone else has gone we are playing one more game (just not Star Wars CCG). Happy Birthday.



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