A Million Little Projects

The best laid plans of mice and men.

I have been trying with help from people around me to get all of the little projects around the house done so I can get to work. What is my job, why writer and I would like to write and if everything works out become a paid writer once again. However, before that can happen, the million little projects that are not important on their own, but add up into a giant distraction need to get done.

And that was were I was all day, a million little projects…

  1. Move the microwave, yes I bought one to heat leftover efficiently, to make room for the fryer which required moving the spice racks.
  2. Find new home for spices
  3. Continue organizing the pantry, an ongoing project as the pantry is a walk-in closet with a lot of shelves
  4. Build the fryer
  5. Hang rope lights, we are using rope lights in place of standing lights to reduce energy costs and because they look cool
  6. Move excess games from shelf in the dinning/living room onto shelves in the office/library
  7. Hang up remaining picture frames and mirrors
  8. Organize the master bedroom into something resembling a place  you want to sleep and have sex
  9. Organize the silverware. The silverware has been tossed into one drawer while organizing everything else, now silverware is somewhat more organized
  10. Kitchen equipment that is used less frequently needed a new home
  11. Take a tap light back to store for a new one
  12. Take back bottles
  13. Spend an hour online and on the phone with Amazon to learn where a charge came from
  14. Pick up children from school
  15. And so on…

What was not on that list?




Did you say writing? If you did, you are correct. I did no writing at all today, other than this post and a list of things I wanted to get done. If you did not say writing, you are way more hopeful than I am or have a very high opinion about the amount of stuff I can get done in one day, thank you. 🙂

So here I am at the end of a very productive day, but I have not done the one thing I should be doing. However, looking for the silver lining, a lot of the distractions that have kept me away from writing are now done. That is a good thing.

Hopefully, after I finish this post, make dinner, clean up dinner, and watch the news, I will put paper to pen creating and fleshing out characters for the stories. Then I can share with you how I create characters, probably not that exciting, but if I am to revise old writing into something better I need to take the time to address the issue of bland characters.

Dinner calls.



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