Broken Token Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Box Organizer

Up front, I did not get this for free, I had to pay for it. That being said, if someone at Broken Token wants to send me one for free, I am all for that.

Disclaimer out of the way, what is the Broken Token Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Box Organizer and why do you need one (small caveat on need in a few)?

Let me start with a few questions:

Do you play Pathfinder Adventure Card Game more than once in a while…say like us, roughly weekend long marathon games?

20160909_143623Do you find the plastic insert provided with each base set slightly to more than slightly annoying for the following reasons:

  • rounded corners that bend card sleeves
  • not enough space for cards the further along a campaign proceeds
  • definitely not enough space for cards when you add cards from one or more Character Decks
  • no extra storage, if used as designed

Admittedly these are very minor gripes.

20160909_143651Have you found  yourself desiring a better way to store Pathfinder Adventure Card Game cards? Such as, when removing cards due to Adventure Deck progress, where do you store yours or for other reasons cards are removed?

If these things are issues for you, continue reading on. If not, good for you that you figured out a solution to those issues and please share for others.

For us card storage was an issue from day one; cards needed to be removed because they were not being used and cards needed to be added because a new Adventure Deck was in session. There never seemed to be enough room. Then after a campaign ended Adventure Decks needed to be stored, in sleeves.

Solution 1, put each Adventure Deck in a separate deck box. This meant we had 7 boxes for our PACG games: Base set + 6 Adventure Decks. This was not very efficient.

Solution 2, obtain a large card box, make dividers for each Adventure Deck and store them in there. Thus when a new deck was needed, pull from large card box and when cards, say Basics, needed to go away, put them into the large box.

Solution 2 was working until Wrath of the Righteous and two character decks. Solution 2 was not a great solution, switching decks and keeping them organized was annoying, but it worked. While setting up for Adventure Deck 2, I found myself with five spots with too many cards in them based on the space allocated for them. One of the best design elements of PACG, is once you learn where the cards in the box grabbing them or putting them away is instinctive. What could be a major slow down does not affect play at all…unless you have to rearrange the box so that cards fit, which I did. This DID NOT WORK.

20160909_143607Solution 3, search Amazon I found this listing: Broken Token PACG Box Organizer. It looks neat. Reviews are good, but the price..ick. Still, we had a problem which really did slow down our games, so I broke down and bought one.

  • Laser cut wood. Awesome.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Assembles well and is solid, only tape needed on corners, which is suggested in the instructions.
  • Best part, fits in box and as you can see from the photo, EVERYTHING fits in the box now (Base Set, Add-On Deck, all 6 Adventure Decks, 3 characters in progress, promotional cards, and figures). Instead of two or more boxes for a game, we need one. When a new Adventure Deck is needed, there is spot for it right there.
  • The Box Organizer worked so well and impressed all us so much that I ordered two more for Rise of the Runelords and Skulls and Shackles. I will order a fourth for sure when Mummy’s Mask is released.

If you play Pathfinder Adventure Card Game as much as we do, I highly recommend the Broken Token Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Box Organizer. If you have other games that are need of organization hit up their website.


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