The One Where The Inquisitor Became A Demon

Welcome to Wrath of the Righteous where a demon army is invading the land and you, the heroes, are out to save the world…yet again. Sometimes it sucks to be a hero. No such thing as a quiet lunch.

A long time ago, we tried to play through Wrath and failed. We quit and put it away content to play through Rise of the Runelords. Then we found a new player who played through Rise and Skulls and wanted to give Wrath a go. A FAQ later, and we are off and running. Two marathon sessions (weekends) later and our group is in the middle of Adventure Deck 3…things just got weird.

20160911_150926This is was our inquisitor. For the basic scenarios, Adventure Deck 1 and 2, our inquisitor was a good companion. Never standing out and never falling behind. Came close to dying a couple of times (who didn’t), but more often than not doing her share of the adventuring. Things started going sideways when she chose her mythic path of hierophant. For whatever reason the mythic path did not gist with the inquisitor. Worse, as the challenges became tougher, she performed worse, not what was happening with the other characters with mythic paths. The situation came to a head during the second scenario of Adventure Deck 3, where the inquisitor came close to dying…very close.

20160911_150947This is a demon. A demon who is looking to redeem herself and who is a playable character. However, only if the group wins the scenario and one of the players is willing to exchange their character for hers. We are not sure what happened in the other room, exactly, the demon is not being very forthright with the details. What we can gleam is that an inquisitor walked into the room and a demon walked out willing to run with our group. A demon I might add, who comes with an arsenal of goodies and a power that is hard to beat; display card next to a character that character gets a bonus to all checks with one attribute. The best the inquisitor could do was flash some coin and fix mistakes. That coin saw a lot of use.

Because we never got past Adventure Deck 2, we had no idea this could be a course of action. Let alone imagine that a character would be replaced without there being a death (that we know of). Wrath of the Righteous has been a lot of fun to play, which is totally the opposite of our first play…nobody has cursed the game designers or thrown out “bad dice” this time. The challenges are greater, tougher, and from time to time require us to get creative, but the rewards are better and the feeling of accomplishment is much higher. As it should be.

Next weekend, a smaller marathon, but looking forward to seeing how the demon does. I will miss the inquisitor’s stylish red hat and coin, but I have a feeling the demon will do much better in a land overrun by demons than an unlucky fellow in a red hat.


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