That’s A Lot Of Notes

Prior to college, I wrote a lot. I spent a vast amount of my writing time creating a world and a city, Stroud, for a game system that has yet to be created by myself. Not that I haven’t given creating a system a try…cough fifteen systems…I find writing setting information more fun and useful. Witness, setting information can be used for gaming or for writing stories. A game system is only useful if there is someone, other than me, using it.

During college, I did not write much at all, that was not an assignment. Too much time spent on college and the things that go with college. Free time and an office have presented me with the opportunity to write once again. You may have read some, see here if you have not. You may also recall a recent post where I talked about all of the notebooks I found. Today was a reckoning of sorts for many of those notebooks.

Working on Puddles and Whiskers, alongside other stories, got me pulling out notes about Stroud and the world where Stroud exists. The more notes I pulled, the more I realized how much information I have on Stroud and the world. Unfortunately, that information is in dozens of notebooks. This will not do.

And that is why I spent my day culling notes from notebooks to create a Stroud Guide. Definitely not a fast project, but a useful one as I have stumbled across notes for location, scenes, characters, and story arcs I had forgotten about. There have been other surprises as well, such as the page of quotes from professors and this…


this was a…if I read my notes right, a game idea…and a bunch of fun doodles. I think the game idea was for character generation where players had a choice of parts to put together. At least that is what it looks like. Based on the pages, I worked this idea for a couple of days, going so far to create a base layout for pieces and some sample card locations. Then again, the card locations may have been for another game. Who knows, I surely don’t. Some of the notes are from college, most are from pre-college.

Now I have a stack of papers with post it note flags of many colors on them for me to turn into useful information. I also have a larger stack of papers with nothing but garbage on them, notes from classes, notes for grocery lists, random numbers and such.

Other than revisiting the past to make a new future, I took some photos of the great day while waiting on the kids to get out of school. Enjoy.

20160912_150551 20160912_150547


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