A Short Post About Notes With Pictures

I finished! Spent the day going through the remaining notebooks, flagging items and marveling over all of the writing. I also marveled over the following…

20160913_173758 20160913_173810 20160913_173840 20160913_173850 20160913_173853 20160913_173901

Seems I really enjoyed decorating my pages. Fine, I still enjoy decorating my pages. Stickers make the pages easier to read, to me, and help me remember where notes are, “Oh yeah, by the Halo dude.”

I could tell you what each of the pages is about…if I remembered. Some of these pages are five years old. You may, if you zoom in see notes about classes. Most, I bet, relate to stories, games, or something else. The stories, were put to screen. The games, they languish where most games I design do, in notebooks waiting for someone to come along and “discover” my genius. That’s my story. 🙂

With notebooks taken care of, writing will resume. 🙂

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