I Didn’t Have Time To Run To The Store So I Did This

Happy Anniversary Barb,

I have to confess, I forgot our wedding anniversary.  I don’t normally forget. But I did. I could go on about why I forgot…I won’t.

For 14 years we have been through thick, thin, high, low, hot and dry spells side-by-side. No, it has not been perfect nor will it ever be perfect, we are flawed vessels after all. It is those flaws that make us who we are and some of the multitude of reasons why I fell in love with you and am still in love with you.

I look forward each day to spending time with you, even when you are occupied. I love our dinners together and spending time out on the deck roasting, toasting, and burning marshmallows. I love our conversations about everything and nothing. You have shaped me into a much different man than I ever expected.

A decade of stress and school is over. We have time to do more than hop from assignment to assignment. I, even though I forgot this time, am looking forward to many more anniversaries with you…some of which I may forget. Between the anniversaries I am looking forward to all of the memories we will create together.

Happy Anniversary.

Next time…oh who are we kidding, I may forget next time too… 🙂


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