Puddles and Whiskers, Expansion & Revision 6


Revision wise, small tweaks to descriptions and catching some off phrasing. This is close to a point where I would send it off to someone else to read and send me their notes. This time I will give this section one more pass, but any more after that and I know for sure I am not seeing the forest.

Expansion wise, a small start. I was not sure what Puddles and Whiskers wanted to do after the bust in Tumbledown. This seems more them…


Back to the present…

Whiskers stood back against the graffiti covered wall next to the cockeyed door, one paw on his blade. He leaned forward putting an ear against the door; plenty of noise from the other side, nothing specific. Crouching in front of the door, pistol and frying pan held ready, looked toward Whiskers, who nodded as he took a step back before kicking the door in Puddles immediately sprang into the room, rolling across the refuse. Popping in front of a large crowd of vapeheads pistol and frying pan held out at the crowd staring at her, “Nobody move!”

Every vapehead ran for the exit; unfortunately, the nearest exit was the door and most of the people bolted out of the room through the door she had just rolled through, keeping Whiskers in the hallway. Standing up from the ruins of a couch, two scowling mooks in black stood up, “We’re moving,” one of them growled.

“So this is how you want to play it,” Puddles said as she leveled her pistol at the mooks.

Around talking mook, a purple bubble personal shield appeared; Puddles scrunched her nose from the stench of burnt ozone caused by the shield. The talking mook drew a large caliber pistol from her waistline. Mook to the left took a hit from a vape inhaler, the effect obvious as he roared and charged her, popping razorclaws and elbowblades.


Ducking underneath the vapehead’s drug-fueled rage swipes, Puddles cracked her frying pan against the back of the mook’s knee. Expecting him to fall down, Puddles swung for where his head should have been…pain flared across Puddles outstretched arm from the back swing of an elbowblade. Blocking a follow through swipe of razorclaws with her frying pan, the impact causing her to panic as she almost lost her grip Puddles took steps back.


Handcannon mook fired, a huge hole appearing in the wall next to the door. Not that anyone would notice a few hours from now, just another hole, Puddles thought as she continued ducking and dodging the vapehead’s wild, but powerful swings.

Whiskers flinched when the handcannon blew a hole in the wall killing an escaping vapehead. Eager to get into the room, Whiskers lashed out with a claw swipe chop, knocking another vapehead out of the way. Shouldering yet another vapehead out of the way, Whiskers leapt into the room drawing his katana; Razorclaws was backing Puddles into a corner where handcannon could get a clear shot.

Blocking another swipe, Puddles arms were feeling being on constant defensive. Razorclaw was aggressive enough to keep her from shooting him. Roaring and frothing at the mouth, Razorclaw swung at her head, following through with elbowblades, Puddles ducked and scooted back out of the way.

“How about a truce?” Puddles shouted.

“I don’t think they can hear you,” Whiskers responded.

At the sound of Whiskers voice, Razorclaw turned to look, a momentary distraction, but enough. Leaping forward Puddles slammed her frying pan against the side of Razorclaw’s head. Not content to let the frying pan work, she stuck her pistol into Razorclaws’ side, pulling the trigger three times rapidly.

Charging past Razorclaw, katana in a low position, blood from Razorclaw sprayed over Whiskers left side as he stepped into the shield causing his fur to tingle. Handcannon focused on blowing Puddles head off, did not notice Whiskers until his blade passed through her right leg. As she fell onto the stump, Whiskers brought his katana down on her neck decapitating her. Reaching down, Whiskers turned off the shield and kicked the handcannon away.

“…and that’s what you get!” With the shield down Whiskers could hear Puddles yelling at Razorclaws body.

Wiping the blood from his katana on Handcannon’s body Whiskers took note, one-half of his body was red and sticky.

“You look like…”


“Fine, I won’t. Guess we aren’t going to get any information from these two,” Puddles said sarcastically.

“Should we continue on?”

“They know we are here.”

“Not that they are reacting like it,” Whiskers gestured to the drug room.

“Fine by me,” Puddles responded heading for a door at the back of the room.

Two hours and some minutes later, standing in the cleanest room they had seen all day, “Guess they were reacting after all,” Puddles said while gesturing with wide arms to the empty room.

“Very odd. Don’t you think?” Whiskers asked while checking a wall of shelves and cabinets.

“Yeah, why would anyone clean any room in Tumbledown. We must have stalked through six miles of garbage to get to the one clean room in all of Tumbledown,” pointing to a corner, “Nothing about this room is about to fall over.”

“We will find nothing here,” Whiskers said turning from the cabinets.

Later that evening…

“This really rubs my fur the wrong way,” Puddles mumbled slamming an empty glass on the bar top.

“Hey!” exclaimed the bar tender.

Puddles shot him her “do not mess with me, but please serve me another drink look.” Whiskers, returning from the bathroom sat next to her, waving the bar tender over.

“All I can say about the bathroom, is there is some interesting reading on the walls,” Whiskers said to Puddles.

Two new drinks in front of them, Puddles and Whiskers toasted themselves.

“What a mess,” began Puddles. “A bunch more dead people. No clues. No pay. No nothing.”

“I will agree that there is not a lot to go on,” Whiskers replied taking a sip and making a face at his drink. “What is this?”

“Something local.”

“We need to set up another meeting with Doctor Dan. What is his real name?”

“I forgot, but I left it on a note in the office. Why another meeting? What is hound dog going to tell us?”

“How about something about his daughters who do not exist and definitely were not where he thought they would be?” Whiskers said irritatedly, “Or what about the gear those mooks had?”

Downing the last of her drink and slamming the glass on the counter again, Puddles said, “Those are some valid points. Morning call?”

“Why not now?”

Shrugging, Puddles gestured at the bar tender again, giving the universal sign for tab, “I’ll pay. You get the car.”


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