Pulling Everything Together

If there is one skill from college that I am putting to use it is transference of notes from one media to another. Now that I have identified the notes I want to work with I am taking them from the various, over a dozen, notebooks and one very full vanilla folder, to a file on the computer.

Another skill being put to use is creating an organized document. I could have typed in notes without any organization or thought to the future, but thank you classes, I have been creating headers and pages, and so on; essentially creating a publishable/printable/searchable document on the fly. Very nice.

I have to say I am surprised by some of the things I am finding, there are extensive notes on each of the species, such as herg or cymean. I knew these things, as a concept, but I forgot how much I wrote and drew. There are pages of notes on culture, language, religion, iconography, and even a few notes on entertainment. A long time ago when I was actively working to write my own role-playing game these notes would have been what set my system or at least setting aside a different from other who still use bare bones descriptions.

Today, the notes are being put to use towards fleshing out characters, work on the setting book, and giving me a lot of ideas of other stories and characters I can create. Speaking of characters, I am not a good character namer…yeah, I wrote that…I found tons of unused names, character descriptions, illustrations (doodles but I wanted to sound fancy), and plots. Strange how much effort I put into something.

Going over the notes I can see where one idea lead to another and where separate spin-off ideas came from; always interesting to see how my mind works (or in this case worked). I can see a lot of ideas were one-shot ideas with a definitive start and end point. These have been fun to read over. There are ideas that never seemed to get beyond the page they were on and ideas that were just that ideas for…something.

Pulling it together is nice. Pulling it together with a greater understanding of writing, publishing, selling, organization, and other skills learned over the past five years, great.

Here is a sample from my notes


General Notes

  1. Information is easy to access, search, and obtain. Privacy and security are two different concepts for people, privacy is something many assume they have as they post information constantly. Security is something corporations and the government strive to have complete control over.
  2. Stroud is always in motion, there is no “down time,” at a minimum electronic and holo ads run non-stop all over the city, especially around businesses and hot spots.
  3. Cyberware or mechanical augmentation is common enough to go unnoticed. Nano-augmentation is latest tech and not in hands of any other than corps and military for testing.
  4. Information access is in every device and easy to use. This does not mean people have access to all information, but the trending/popular/quick searches are what most people get and use as information/knowledge. Deep searches still take time.
  5. Vehicles are “smart” self-drive, collision avoidance, accident survival systems, ground-hover-flight capable (most are one or two modes at most).
  6. Magic does exist…to what extent is to be determined



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