More Doodles From The Underground

While pulling notes and collating notes, I came across these…damn awfully rude of me to say see “these,” and “these” things are actually down below. So lets change that to, I came across these images which you will find below…not as catchy, but honest. Beyond awesome. Our boy likes to design games, he has a problem with follow through, rules, and playing fairly, but he likes to design games. He has a card game with…wait let me count 1, 2, 3 expansions that I know of…he routinely breaks out his box of card stock squares with images and numbers on each one and plays a few games with his sister or one of us before declaring some new rule that allows him to win or one of our cards to be nullified. Then he disappears to his room where he works on the rules and designs another expansion.

Best part of his games are the doodles that he puts on each card. I have learned to ignore the spelling, although his spelling has gotten a lot better. I have learned to ignore the numbers as their meaning is variable, based primarily on if he is winning or not. I have learned to ignore the game text, as that is often related to a thought he had at the moment or a show he just watched. The doodles are where it is at for me.

What I found was not from his card game though, these are from Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Before there was a card creating application on Drive Thruwhatever, you had to make your own cards. Like me, our boy wanted to make some his own cards for…if I remember correctly, a spider themed pirate adventure. He really did like the look of Skulls and Shackles, but in his words, “not enough pirates, sharks, and spiders.” Then he got on a kick about cannibals…no clue, but it remains amusing to this day.

With my help, he designed the following cards, but because he couldn’t or wouldn’t work on them more they got abandoned. Luckily, I saved them, put them in a file where I forgot them until I found them today, along with a whole bunch of my doodles and maps.

20160917_125434 20160917_125438

As you can see he was chock full of ideas and doodles. My favorite are the Shipwreck where I giant crab is destroying the ship, followed by the Shipwrecker Crab. No idea how big a crab would have to be to sink a pirate ship, but the idea sounds pretty cool to me. Much better than a lame old kraken.

My pile of doodles and notes is not a fun looking as our boy’s, but just as important to me. A map of a corner of Lower Stroud, some designs for vehicles, and animals. All of which will be entered into the compilation of notes. Not a bad way to spend a rain, cloudy (although the weather is improving) day, walking down memory lane and finding a way to put old work together with new skills to make a new thing.





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