100-Year Old Foggy 99,556 Sex Rules Wait

I wrote in a moving car, not something I recommend. I am looking forward to taking my car writing and putting it to screen soon. However, until that time (shortly after I finish this and eat dinner) allow me to regale you about my day in picture and verse.

Morning…We Wait

I woke excited about the day. First day without the kids and some time to go do non-necessary stuff. I also awoke excited because today is the release of Rise of Iron. While tempering my excitement because I burned out on Taken King hype, new material has me excited. I have a morning routine, after the kids leave for school, I boot up Destiny and play for an hour or two. Then I go about my day. This routine is without fail.

Excited for new material I booted up Destiny and saw this…


Wow…I had time to check my mail, bank account, surf the web, read some news and then I got to play. HOLY CRAP AWESOME! The wait, which despite how I wrote it, only took around 10 minutes, was well worth it. I played for two hours before forcing myself to turn off the game. Remember, kids are gone and we have fun non-necessary things to do.

Look out the window and see this…


Wow again…the dot in the middle is a bush, normally clear to sight, and just behind that is a dirt parking lot for the business at the corner and just beyond that the road. There were cars on the road when I took the photo. Do you see them? No, you can barely see the bush…so we waited or they waited while I took a shower.

Lunch…I Find Happiness for $4

I love biscuits and gravy. Barb makes an awesome gravy and Shannon makes awesome biscuits, but I feel odd asking for them to make these things every time we get together for Pathfinder. In town, the biscuits and gravy are expensive and weak. Denny’s…yes, Denny’s…has always been my go to and today was no different. On the road talking about lunch, Denny’s on the horizon and a few minutes and four dollars later my belly was happy and onto…

100 Years Ago…They Wrote About Sex

100-sexI am a used bookstore whore. I will buy books I have next to no intention of reading just because the price is right and the back sounded interesting. There are two areas I always find in every used bookstore: cookbooks and sex books. I am always on the look out for a cookbook that I do not have especially old cookbooks. Sex books, not erotica (although I have a small collection of erotica), are my favorite. Why, because book stores tend to go out of their way to put them in the least accessible spot that no one can find, because who would want to read about sex. You know about sex, don’t you, why do you need a book? Because everyone can learn something about sex. Now of late, I have not found any sex books that caught my attention. Honestly, most sex books are poorly written. Today, I found four. However, after reading them I was disappointed and then…I found a book published (7th edition) in 1908, which makes the book…2016 – 1908 = 108 years old. I love old books and this book went home with me to an honored space on my bookshelf. I can only hope my sex writing is around 100 years from now and me in the future finds it and loves it. 🙂

They Have Rules For This…Mall Life

20160920_130041Malls are a waste of space. Yet, we found ourselves at one because they had a Gamestop and a toy store. Gamestop was a bust, never been a Gamestop where the employees didn’t even look up or say anything to us and didn’t have the new releases on display, but here was one. The toy store was fun, some glow-n-the-dark fish, a physics kit, and pirates. While traveling from one floor to another using an escalator I stumbled across this sign of rules. When did this happen and why? Seriously, people need rules to stand in place while being carried or pushed up or down? What has this world come to?

Back Home…

I did mention I got a lot of writing done on the road and in a Denny’s?




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