Tumbledown Patrol, Revision and Expansion 2


Seconds ago…

Barely fitting in the hallway, standing in front of the gang tagged door, parts of the hallway ceiling hanging off his shoulder, Tanx looked around the hallway terminated in a pile of rubble, the walls, floor, and what remained of the ceiling covered in graffiti and garbage of all sorts. Glancing at his head’s up display, the area map showed a hallway, several more rooms, and a whole lot more than what he currently could see.

Whispering into the microphone, “You seeing the same things I am Ali?”

“Yeah,” she responded sounding disappointed while adjusting the strap on her combat helmet around her large pointed ears, “Is this the place?”

“Let’s knock and find out.”

Balling his huge fist, Tanx banged on the door three times, “SCPD!”

Ali and Tanx heard weapons ratcheted and people moving around. “Put down your weapons and come out with your hands up!” Tanx bellowed at the door.

“What are the odds?” Ali whispered into her microphone.

“Come in and get them!” Someone shouted from behind the door.

Ali winked at Tanx, while crouched next to the door waiting for action. There was no way of knowing what was on the other side of the door.  He was hoping for a single room with one or two gunmen. Checking his head’s up display again, Tanx made another decision.



“Make a fly by on our position,” Tanx requested while taking a step to the left of the door.

The sound of the combat bus flying overhead was deafening. Tanx silently counted down from four and with a thunderous kick of his front legs and using his size, he knocked a hole in the wall. Stepping into the room, four Eastside gangers wearing Eastside colors had their backs to him watching the combat bus fly overhead.

Despite the noise of the bus, the gangers heard Tanx, turning they raised their weapons and began to move away from the window. Tanx shot the one closest to him in the chest. Ali slid into the room to his left, placing his bulk between the gangers and her.  She rolled into view, shot a ganger through the knee and chest as the ganger collapsed to the ground.

As sections of the wall slide off Tanx’s shoulders one ganger began firing at him, the other at Ali who had rolled behind a chair.  The small rounds from the gangers sub-machine-guns impacted Tanx body armor, a minor irritation.  The ganger trying to shoot Ali in spray-and-pray mode, firing in a semi-circle as he tried to track her movement behind the chair. Some of his rounds struck Tanx in the arms and shotgun, knocking the gun from his hands. Out of the corner of his eyes, Tanx saw a ganger enter the room carrying a Maxwell Arms Roomsweeper, the distinctive barrel of the auto-shotgun well known in the department.

Popping out from behind the bullet-holed chair, Ali shot spray-and-pray in the chest four times.  The top and middle of the chair exploded into bits of chair and stuffing flying everywhere before spray-and-pray hit the ground; the distinctive whine of the auto-shotgun chewing through rounds and scenery filled the room. Pulling his over-the-shoulder combat knife charging the ganger shooting at him, over a dozen rounds peppered Tanx; the force of his charge drove the knife through the ganger into a wall behind them.

Silence for a second while the auto-shotgun ganger reloaded. Ali started shooting again, the ganger groaned when several of her shots hit him. Ali leaned out from behind the remains of the chair and gave a little wave, “Room secured.”


Next up, the entire short edited and revised.


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