Puddles and Whiskers, Expansion & Revision 7


Plan is to add one more section, then do a combined edit to ensure that all of the details match and that the entire story has a good flow.


On the Drive…

Letting the car drive, Puddles watched the city change from dark and dreary to bright and hopeful.

“Is that new?” Puddles asked pointing to a building in the distance.

Looking up from his datapad, Whiskers replied with a non-committal grunt.

Puddles settled back into her seat and enjoyed the view. Eastern Stroud quickly became the rear view as the lights and glitter of Central Stroud came into view. As their car merged in with the flying lane, Puddles pulled up the map on the car’s window heads-up-display. A bright blue line showed their destination roughly ten-minutes away.

Central Stroud, tall buildings reaching past the clouds and lit up at all heights. Even now, at night, Central Stroud appeared cast in multi-colored day light from all of the lights, signs, and advertisements. Signs bigger than the building where their office was located advertised the latest brands of food, beverages, mechanical augmentation, and more. Puddles could not help, but stare at the hundred foot tall moving advertisement of a human female showing off the latest in clothing. As they passed the sign, her eyes bigger than the car and illuminating the interior enough that the auto-shade feature of the windows activated.

Approaching Titan Industries central offices, a monolithic white and blue square building with barely any exterior features other than the corporations iconic giant blue with white border T on each of the building’s face, the car dipped entering lower flight lanes.

“Titan control,” a flight controller begin, “to approaching vehicle.”

Looking up from his data-pad, Whiskers said, “You should answer them.”

“Titan control, we are here to see Doctor Dan,” Puddles said.

“Do you have an appointment?”

Grabbing the tip of her nostril, Puddles shook her head, “No. This is an emergency meeting.”


Puddles looked at Whiskers who shrugged.

“We do not have a Doctor Dan in the building at this time.”

“Shit. Wait…what was his name?” Puddles irritatedly said.

“I do not know. Remember you left his name on the desk,” Whiskers sarcastically replied.

Shooting Whiskers an exasperated expression, Puddles gestured towards the approaching building. Whiskers waved her expression and gesture off.

“Titan control, our mistake. We are here to see Doctor Marlowe. He should be expecting us, PW Investigations.”

More silence.

“Coordinates to the 33rd floor landing pad have been sent to your vehicle. Do not alter flight path.”

Looking at Puddles, Whiskers held up his data-pad, “Research.” And smiled.

Following Titan control’s instructions, Puddles allowed the car to fly to the landing pad and land. Whiskers admired the clean state of the landing pad, nothing out of order, although he guessed things would be different during peak hours. Right now, they were the only vehicle. Waiting at the door into Titan, two security guards dressed in blue and white Titan uniforms, sidearms visible.

“Follow us,” said the guard on the right.


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