Puddles and Whiskers, Expansion & Revision 8

This will be the last expansion and revision for this block of story for a short bit. The next step will be to review everything written up to this point for consistency, edits, and changes. One change, more feline-like references and behavior, that started out (tail waving and ears) and then disappeared, Puddles and Whiskers are feline creatures, without those cues they become another buddy pair of detectives. The purpose to ensure that the story has a consistent feel and internal logic something that can disappear overtime. I try to do a review every few “chapters” or sections. Of course, you will get to see what I do along the way.


Seconds Ago…

“What is this!” Puddles ears back, fur raised, shouted while gesturing towards a holo of what appeared to be an elderly human male in a oversized blue and white rubber suit.

“I think you mean who is this,” Whiskers responded while squinting at the man’s face. “Remarkable quality holo,” Whiskers mumbled.

“I don’t care about the quality. Where is…Doctor…Doctor…”


“Yeah, that guy.”

The holo of the man raised his hand, “I am Doctor Cadius Marlowe.”

Pivoting on her heels to face Whiskers and the remaining guard in the room, her arm slashing through the holo without any disruption, “That’s not Doctor Marlowe!”

“But I am Doctor Marlowe,” the holo pleaded.

“Excuse us a second, Doctor Marlowe,” Whiskers said to the holo while directing Puddles over to a corner of the room.

Ears less flat, fur still raised, and tail slashing through the air, Puddles allowed herself to be directed out of the way, “What?” she hissed.

“Let me handle this,” gesturing towards the holo of Doctor Marlowe who was turned away from them, “I might be able to get something out of him of use.”

“Fine,” Puddles fumed, “you go talk to Doctor Pixels. I’ll wait over here.”

Clearing his throat, Whiskers waited for Doctor Marlowe to turn around. A few seconds of waiting, Doctor Marlowe faced Whiskers his hands hidden behind a desk or table, Whiskers assumed.

“Sorry to bother you so late in the evening,” Whiskers began.

“No bother,” Doctor Marlowe interrupted obviously looking at something off holo, “Its only 9 am here.”

Whiskers masked his surprise as best he could, while making a “wait” gesture below holo to Puddles in the corner who looked ready to pounce on the holo. “I’m sorry, did you say 8 am?”

“That is correct.” Doctor Marlowe chuckled, “You thought I was there? No, I’m in [static] working.”

“Where are you working?” Whiskers asked.

“The filter prevents some information from transmitting. Suffice to say, I am off site. Is there a reason why you wanted to see me?”

“Before I answer that, how long have you been off site?”

“Weeks. Why?”

“Then you did not hire us to look into your missing daughters?” Whiskers asked, knowing the answer.

Shaking his head, “No I did not. I do not have any daughters. What is this about?”

“A man claiming to be you, hired our investigative firm to find his missing daughters. Following his information we raided a gang in Tumbledown,” Whiskers kept the details to himself.

“Oh..,” Doctor Marlowe hesitated, again obviously looking at something off-holo. “No, I did not hire you. I must get back to my work. I’m sorry I could not be of more help.”

And the holo-disappeared.

“Um..,” Puddles said.

“Lets go,” Whiskers said with urgency heading for the door. “Escort us back to our car,” Whiskers said to the guard.




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