500 and 1 Words At A Time: Drifiting

Prior to college…

I had a regular schedule for writing and working. I wrote everyday roughly two thousand words. Not saying they were good words, but I wrote them. Around writing was house work and work work. Mostly house work. I liked my schedule, there was time for me to do what I wanted to do and what I needed to do. Prior to college, I was able to find work as a writer.


I also had a regular schedule of classes and the writing was all around the classes. Again, not saying the writing was good, but again I wrote them. Around college writing was more college writing and wedged between all of the college writing was something for me, usually this blog or around 500 words. There was very little time to do what I wanted to do writing wise and what time there was never went the way I wanted it to…way to many project started and abandoned because yet another semester was starting.

Post college…

I do not have a schedule. I am wandering and drifting. Oh sure, I have a schedule of sorts, but despite waiting five years for this time to arrive I have not gotten back into the Prior College schedule of writing. In fact, I do not do nearly as much writing as I would like to or at least think I would like to. However, I am happier with the writing I am doing now versus the writing during Prior College phase. The quality, in my opinion, has gone up noticeably. This makes me happy.

But…there is always a but, even though I am happier with my writing and the quantity is slowing going up there is another casualty of the post college no schedule phase I am in, this blog. During college, this blog along with all of my other blogs had a schedule. The schedule was determined in part by my school schedule and the schedule of a school year. Regular readers knew roughly when my “first of the year” post would be and when “holiday plans” would be and so on.

Of late, there hasn’t been much of a schedule. I hadn’t noticed, but when a good friend pointed it out I took a look…sure enough, I have been writing a lot more “this is how I feel today” posts than posts with a point or about something. The recent fiction posts are helping give the blog a new shape I want, but I have not been regular with them. I’m hoping with today’s post that changes.

I wrote out and then printed out a weekly topic schedule for me to start following until it becomes a natural state or organically changes into something else that has a schedule. I am also going to work harder to post at a regular time, something I was really good at a few months ago and stress to everyone I teach blogging too. I had no idea, how much post college phase would affect my writing, but there it is…I have been drifting. I am to stop that. No way for me to find regular work as a writer if I cannot get myself under control.

Starting next week…

here is what you can expect:

Monday: Fiction

Tuesday: Life

Wednesday: Food or Games

Thursday: Fiction

Friday: 500 and 1 Words At A Time

Saturday: Food or Games

Sunday: Life

500 and 1 Words At A Time is the follow up to 500 Words At A Time and will be about my struggles, experiences, etc. all on being and becoming a writer post college…I hope it is not a horror story. 🙂


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