500 and 1 Words At A Time: Baseline

I decided to start my blog schedule now instead of starting next week, no time like the present. If I really will be chronicling my attempts to become a successful writer I should start with a base line, a starting point if you will. That way, months from now I can look back up at the baseline and say, “Up there is where I started, down here is where I am. Now, where is the secret door and ladders to success?” Sounds better in Klingon.

woDDI’ pagh nuqDaq jItlhIjchoHtaH, vaj tInwI’ naDev nuqDaq. DaH nuqDaq ghaH pegh lojmIt Qapla’ ladders je?

Thank you Klingon translator, but come on, no ladders?


  1. Stay at home dad
  2. Write every day
  3. Multiple writing projects in the works
    1. 500 Words into book
    2. Stroud fiction
    3. and recent arrival, thank you Big Man, game systems
  4. Recently graduated college with degree in Technical Professional Communications-means if you need it written well (not like this sentence) and in a professional presentation, I can do it.
  5. Blog daily

I think that is a good start for my baseline. Oh, I guess there should be areas of writing interest. That way I have a direction other than my personal projects…lets see, I write about the following:

  1. Life
  2. Games-game play, game reviews, and creation of game systems and settings
  3. Food-cooking tips and the occasional recipe
  4. Fiction-particularly multi-genre cyberpunk
  5. Erotica-when the muse strikes
  6. Human Sexuality-when I find or create a new home for my blog
  7. Resumes and CVs-I enjoy assisting others with their resumes and CVs

I’m sure I am missing a few things, but for a quick baseline list not bad. Next up, what kind of work would I like…good question. A long time ago, I would have wanted to write for a game company, but that lost it’s luster when I did write for two small game companies. Easiest explanation, to many cooks in the kitchen and not nearly enough management (lack of decision making, pay issues, organization, etc.). Perhaps a larger game company would be more orderly, something to consider.

Honestly, having given the question a lot of thought over the past five years (teacher, cookbook author, and other see 500 Words post series), I do not have an answer. I write a lot of different subjects and I can write even more. I do not have one job that suits my…mood, skill set, or what have you…at least not one off the top of my head. For the moment, that question will be shelved.

What I have been doing with my time, now that the office is once again organized, is going over old projects, looking at current projects, and attempting to create a…for lack of a better word, flow chart. The goal, to have a plan. Which projects will get work first, deadlines, and a goal other than “personal satisfaction” with each one. I did personal satisfaction before and looking upon those works now is nice, but seeing them in stores-online and/or brick and mortar is more satisfying to me now.

When I have a Project Plan finished I will share that, perhaps readers can assist me in staying on task and even moving projects from one stage to another. That’s my rough baseline.


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