Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Character Tents The Solution You Didn’t Know You Needed

I like to have an organized gaming space, years of being a gamemaster taught me the value of being organized and having an organized space to play. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game challenges those concepts for me.

Don’t get me wrong the game is organized in the box and with the Broken Token insert organized even better: everything for one campaign fits into one box now, cannot beat that. However, as a player things are not as organized as I would like or able to keep. Maybe that is the crux, as I am able to keep.

The giant playmat needs an update. When the playmat was released there was no need for extra spaces on the mat. Then came ships in Skulls and Shackles. Wrath added spots for servitor demons, redemption card, army cards, and so on. Who knows what Mummy’s Mask will add. The gist being, there are many times when play areas are cluttered with cards needed for a scenario that have no spot on the mat…not that we haven’t created spots, but sometimes there are more cards than empty spaces.

20161001_135331My personal space starts out clean; playmat in center, character sheet to one side, deck and character card in their right spots, and then my hand of cards. We play with open hands, makes teaching the game easier, makes reminding people of cards they have easier, and in general makes the game more social. A few hours into playing and my space is a cluttered disaster as dice migrate into my area, cards get shuffled around.

By the end of a session I am using Post-It-Notes to keep track of my character’s stats because the character sheet is buried. If there was only a way to save some space. We tried a few things, as you can see our character sheets are folded in half and in sheet protectors. Still, laying there takes up space and if we fail to get crafty when our character’s get roles we have to flip the page back and forth. Totally, minor annoyance.

20161001_135356Then…[drum roll]…I stumbled upon a forum post where people were raving about character tents a person created. Sure sure I thought, a standee for my character how cool, but not needed. Then I did some further reading and hit the link for ESG Labs Pathfinder Support page and [holy sounding music] found the solution to some of my problems.

It’s not a character standee, it is a tri-fold with all of the relevant character information on one side: Skills, Powers, Card List, Favorite Cards, and Role should you be at that point. There are multiple versions per character-the base version and one for each role. Awesome. The flip side is character illustration, name, and so on.

Even better, Parody (forum screen name-link to forum post), has created versions for each of the boxed sets, character decks, and promotional characters. All for free. Now, as you can see, I take up less space. Leaving more space for card and dice creep and should my side become too fouled with cards and dice, my character tent remains visible.

Play Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, highly recommend.



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