Less Posts, But More Focused Posts

Research MonkeyHello, I am your Research Monkey, PHD. The boss, due to what he describes as “weather one day away from mandatory ark building” has been under the weather. At least that is his public excuse.

However, since I am the voice inside his head for you, I will tell a different tale. He is having a crisis of sorts, nothing major unless you happen to love this blog. If that is the case then you two may be having a crisis in a second. Hmmm…that was alarming sounding. Allow me to start over.

For five years this blog and few others were his hobby while at school. In fact, he started blogging shortly after starting school. Each blog has been during a time of change in life. Life has changed once again and as usual, especially during this month, my boss is being introspective and looking towards the future. Normally, this passes, but a few days ago he realized he was not posting because he wanted to post, but because he felt he had to post.

That doesn’t work for him. When a hobby becomes work or feels like work, it is time to take a break from the hobby. That is what happened yesterday, he took a break. He spent his time doing whatever he wanted or life demanded. Today, he is working on his projects again. What does this mean?

For now less posts, but more focused posts. He is not going to close the blog or say goodbye, he enjoys writing and sharing to much to do that, but for…well I have no idea how long…he will not post every day unless he wants to. Since he is mentally elsewhere, I thought you would like to know.



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