Game System Story Problem

Working on a game system and book at the same time is fun. No question about that. I get to put my world out there in two different and complimentary forms. Even better, if I do this right, in a form not seen often; that is another story. This story is about race or species. In most roleplaying games races or species other than human get a paragraph or two of generic claptrap about what the species looks like, kind of behaves like, and a bunch of stats related to the game. I want more, thus I have set about creating more starting with a short story that encompasses some aspect of the species.

Except…this story got stuck for lack of a better word. Here is the start…

“Take your positions,” the race emcee announced.

Wraith balancing on the edge of the 80th floor of the Bargarth Towers looked down the line of extreme gliders. Thirteen other gliders balancing like her, waiting for the go signal. Wrath, her protégé, third down from her was having his usual balance issues, for an illietheril he was not…graceful. Talented, for sure, but graceful not at all. A sustained gust of air almost knocked Wrath from his position.


Checking the race feed on her goggles noticed an updraft and thermal a block away.


Green light, her glider systems go.


Leaning forward, Wraith illietheril champion glider, pressed up with her toes for the drop. A glance to the right, Wrath also leaning forward.


Thirteen bodies jumped, fell, or lept into the void. Seconds passed, a human glider popped his glider suit above her rocketing over the block towards the first checkpoint. Three gliders, based on their suits, part of the Koantal Team, gromathi gliders, plummeted past her, popping their glider suits simultaneously seeking a lower path to the checkpoint. Checking her feed, Wraith angled for a nearby updraft. Wrath, in full dive mode, arms back, legs straight, shot past her, hit the updraft popped his suit open and shot up for a nearby thermal, just like she taught him.

The updraft pushed her upwards increasing her speed, hitting the thermal Wraith popped her suit’s wings quickly catching up to Wrath. First checkpoint ahead, she set up for the second checkpoint, around the corner of Almore Tower and through Chint Road flying traffic. Ahead of her Wrath adjusted his glide path with his usual grace, left leg flying out and using his body to finish the adjustment. Wraith smiled.

Two human gliders dove from above passing between Wrath and Wraith reaching the checkpoint first. Wrath dove after them. Wraith waiting for the right moment turning and diving into place behind Wrath. Immediately she saw one of the human’s problem, too fast, no control, and to close to the buildings where…

a sudden gust of wind rounding the building blew the human into the other human; a tangle of limbs and suits they plummeted down. For a brief second Wraith thought about going after them, but she had a race to win. Wrath avoided the collision, lining up a path through traffic.



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