Puddles and Whiskers, Revision & Expansion 15

From there to noodles

The security guards stopped at the door to the dock, Whiskers rushed past them towards their car, Puddles followed hissing, “What’s the hurry?”

Whiskers looked over his shoulder, “We…”

Grabbing Whiskers’ arm Puddles interrupted, “I know we got played and I don’t see why we have to leave in such a hurry.”

Shaking off Puddles paw Whisker said, “What if…”

“What if what?” Puddles interrupted a second time while following Whiskers across the dock, “I don’t think anyone at Titan cares about us, our investigation, or anything else we do.”

“Did you see Doctor Marlowe’s face when I mentioned the cleanroom?” Whiskers asked standing next to the passenger door.

“Behind all that plastic and via holo, I couldn’t tell if he was smiling, scowling, or passing gas and neither could you,” Puddles replied testily, ears flattening.

“Fine. Tell me this,” Whiskers began while opening the door, “why would anyone hire us to find people who do not exist?”

Slamming the car into drive, ears still flat, Puddles answered, “No clue, but someone did hire us to clean out that gang and room.”

Exiting Titan Industries Dock, their car merged with traffic heading into the city. Puddles set the car on autopilot and sat back, fuming. Whiskers watched traffic fly around them in silence, thinking. Watching traffic fly around their car, Whiskers sat silently. Ten minutes of fuming and thinking passed.

Puddles shattered the silence first, “We need to do something.”

“Such as?”

“Find Doctor Dan and shake answers out of him!” Puddles said angrily, “That is my first inclination.”

“Mine as well. However, we do not have any real information on Doctor Dan. We need information.”

Minutes of silence passed as both of them thought.

“I’ll call Chuck,” Puddles said with a sarcastic tone and smirk.

“Chuck? Really?” Whiskers replied with a groan.

Following afternoon…


The office door shot open, slamming into the wall. Sitting at his side of the desk, Puddles did not look up. A black and white cat, wearing black and red fatigues, tail swishing lazily, one ear drooping swaggered through the door. He looked around the office for a second before approaching Puddles.

“Nice mess.”

Glancing up, Puddles continued writing with one paw while shoving a small stack of papers onto the floor in front of Chuck with his other paw.

Looking down at the mess, “I’m not here to clean,” Chuck responded blandly.

Walking into the office, Whiskers stood behind Chuck, looking over his shoulder at the mess, “What are you doing?” he asked Puddles.

“Hey Whisk,” Chuck said, “What can I do for you two today?”

“Pull up a chair,” Whiskers said.

Chuck sat down in front of Whiskers half of the desk; only his head visible.

“No short jokes,” Chuck stated.

Whiskers shook his head in amusement, “Fine. Who do you know with corporate contacts?”

“Titan Industries in particular,” Puddles added.

Putting a paw to his chin, Chuck thought for a moment, “I know a few people. Why?”

Puddles looked at Whiskers, who shrugged, “A case of ours hit a wall.”

“Off the top of my head Eth, might know someone at Titan or someone who does.”

“Anyone else?” Puddles asked.

“He’s not so bad,” Chuck quickly responded, “I may know another contact or two, but I’m hungry. How about some noodles?”

“Have Eth meet us there,” Whiskers said.


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