Reflecting On The Year In Blogging 2016




What happened?

There is part of me that wants to say that 2016 was a bad year for blogging for me, but it wasn’t. It has been a year of change. However, as I sit here I am not sure that the change I purposefully made was the right one for me.

Prior to 2 months ago, I posted every day. Mostly musings upon the day, situation, event, or what have you or as my father said, “I too used to have a diary to write about claptrap.” I haven’t seen him for a few holidays, I can hold a grudge. Thankfully (for me) his comment came before any of my blogs. Yet, that is how Speaking Out on Life was feeling to me; without college to write about a sense of purpose had left.

charliefootballgifThen came the “feels like a job” period. Blogging has never been about fame or fortune; if those things came about due to blogging great (a few job offers were offered, but did not pan out-that is another theme of 2016 and blogging-success at the tip of my fingers and yanked out at the last second), but I never set out to become a famous blogger. So when blogging began to feel like a job, where I went to work every day and was not seeing any form of “payment” I knew I needed a break.

keanu-movie-posterOne plus one ended up equaling Puddles and Whiskers. Thank you daughter, if not for your argument with your brother on the merits of arming cats with pistols, frying pans, and katanas they would never have been born. Puddles and Whiskers has given me a purpose and the blog a sense of something happening here worth visiting.

Except, while I can rip off 500 to 1000 words about my day or a game, writing a longer story is a more methodical process for me. Really methodical. Similar to game design and miniature painting. So instead of their story taking off their story is taking off in smaller chunks that I edit and revise until “just wright.” 🙂

This meant there have been long stretches between posts. I have never been a stats whore. I keep an eye on the stats, particularly what people read versus how many people visit. I am pleased to say, people are reading Puddles and Whiskers and visiting. And people are reading a lot of the game posts. I should be happy, my plan to have a more focused blog revolving around a story I am telling is working out, right?

Yes and no. Yes, by the numbers Life is doing fine. No, in that I feel like I am writing less. This is a perception issue on my end, as most of my writing happens on paper and a non-blogging screen, still there have been days, lots of them recently where I thought to myself, “I should blog about this.”

scrw6gaoo3cfgqnzjhch2zgu4z1And this is where I find myself on the last days of 2016…

what to do. Here is what I am not doing:

  • shutting down the blog
  • starting a new blog

Those are not resolutions, resolutions are meant to be ignored, those are facts. Here is where I am waffling and if you have any thoughts please share them:

  • returning to writing every day about whatever
  • sticking with posting when I have some new Puddles and Whiskers

Thoughts? I welcome input from readers.

Speaking of readers, thank you each and every one. I appreciate and am thankful for new readers and regular readers. I will finish out the rest of the year working on Puddles and Whiskers and see how the New Year starts in a day or so.

Have a good and safe holiday. I would say don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, but that could get…messy. 🙂





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