Last Day of the Year…Thing with Self-Promotion

Ah yes, another end of the year woe is me post on how life has had its ups and downs and how things could have been different if only or this choice had been made instead of that choice or a little bit more luck, a sacrifice to the right deities, I had lived differently or how if I had only been nicer to that cashier that one time who really seemed to be out to cheat me out of my money or how maybe if I had done something, anything, different this might have been a better year, a good year, or just a…


And here we are on the raggedy edge, at least that is how it feels. For the cliff notes of TLDR version:

  • graduated with a Technical Professional Communications degree, it means I write well, communicate well, and can do a whole host of communication things that are hard to define until you need them…
    • Resumes *
    • CVs *
    • Professional Letters, Emails, and other forms of professional communication
    • Publishing, on and offline
    • Layout and Design, of any material (yes any)
    • Edit and Revise messages to make them clearer and impactful
  • did not get any job regardless of how qualified I may or may not have been on paper
  • continued to raise, in my own psychological horror show-Viking-warm and fuzzy like a teddy bear way, two children who continue, despite my best efforts, to demonstrate that they have their own opinions and may, one day, rule this clan via the old ways of trial by combat
  • write
  • created Puddles and Whiskers
  • blog, which is also writing, but in a public way in fact that is the only difference, I guess I could have combined them
  • cooked and grilled, there was a surprise for the year, grilling and how much I enjoyed grilling
  • played games, less games than last year for sure, but played none-the-less
  • floundered around aimlessly as I tried to take the lemons life gave this family and squeeze them into each and every open wound…lemonade only fills the stomach, lemon juice cauterizes open wounds, learn from pain its the Viking way (its a family thing)
  • found a place for us to live and not get, similar to the job thing above, and found us a better place to live where I discovered the joy of grilling, the kids got to play outside for the first time in years, and we as a family are happier even if the future is as uncertain now as it was a year ago…well I can’t graduate again so that part is certain

The long and the short of this year has been, life. I have my complaints. I have my high notes. I have things I would have done differently, not regrets. I have lots of things I could do, but the trials and tribulations of the Richmond Clan are well documented on the 1,000+ posts here and will continue to be documented. After all if I can’t publically talk about our lives how am I going to ensure that at least one psychologist has a job for life to deal with the fallout from my parenting style. 🙂

“And he wrote about…(insert life moment children would rather forget)…I hate him and the sick thing is that I think he wants me to hate him so that I get mad enough to challenge him for leadership of our family.”

-Patient X & her brother Z

* Resume and CV services: Need a resume or CV? Have a resume or CV that needs updating or a new look? Tired of your resume looking like every other resume in the pile? I can assist you. I have the education and experience to take your information and turn that information into a resume or CV you will be excited to give to potential employers.

My first attempt at putting my education and something I enjoy to work (I enjoy assisting people with their resumes and CVs).



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