Tipping the Scales For A Great New Year

I believe that what you do on New Years Eve and New Years Day will be a reflection of what you do for the year. Given the rather…shall we say topsy turvy nature of the previous year and my generally superstitious nature, I wanted to start this year off with as much of a push towards good and fun things happening as I possibly could without having to pay the price for a goat or virgin or virgin goat to sacrifice although with the cost of sacrificing a goat we get to eat the goat, with a virgin…what do you do with virgins anyways?

[one hundred words deleted] and that is what you could do with a virgin.

Here are a few highlights:

after watching the Today Show I made a slow cooker hot chocolate; a ton of ingredients are required, the results are great, until the leftovers sit too long at which point you have a thick sludge, so if you make it drink all of it

Keanu is a hilarious movie and I am not a cat fan.

Exploding Kittens is a great card game just make sure you are not using the NSFW version or you may have some explaining to do…not that we explained much, just wrapped up the game and kicked the kids off to do their own thing.

Cards Against Humanity is still on my so-so list. If I am drunk, I like the game. If I am sober, I have better things to do. I liked the game, read what you want from that.

New Years sushi continues to get better each year. This year, instead of press ganging the children to fan the rice with paper plates, bits of cardboard, and a towel (the towel was an improvement over the time paper was “used”) I took care of the process with a dollar store fan. Amazing what one fan can do, technology is great.

While waiting for Barb to get off work and people to arrive I made several rolls, something I do not normally get to do. This was the last year for chicken finger rolls as the person I make them for finally announced he did not like them after all; no great loss as nobody else enjoyed them that much. Personally, I think switching from fried chicken to chicken fingers was the problem. Meanwhile, in an effort to up my display game, I planned to make a caterpillar roll with slices of avocado draped over the top of the roll; did you know it takes a whole avocado to do that? I had one avocado and lost a quarter of that to an unruly pit.

Undeterred by the avocado, I broke out the rice crispy’s (ies) to make faux crunch rolls. Yes, rice crispy’s (ies). Except, I didn’t have a topping because I forgot I was out of mayo. When life hands you sushi, rice crispy’s (ies), and a desire to experiment you put them inside rolls and create an inside out crunch roll. Reviews were mixed, mostly add more rice crispy’s (ies).

New Years fried rice was the best ever.

And then the evening ended with [a few more words deleted] and fell blissfully asleep and all was well…




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