A Little Nate Inside You

I promise this isn’t self-erotica…wait that would be masturbation and this will be a form of masturbation and with that sentence at least half my audience has left and with that sentence I may have proven or started to prove why everyone needs a Little Nate inside of them.

Or maybe not.

We shall see.

People who have known me for a long time (we are speaking long time in human terms not geologically speaking) have at one time or another told me a story where at some point…

“And I heard your voice (or could see what you would do)…and I did the opposite (or did not do what Little Nate said).”

Perhaps you know someone like me who speaks his or her mind (opinionated, judgmental, asshole), is blunt (rude, tactless), and has no problem saying those things that you are thinking (horrifying, embarrassing, funny). If so you are a lucky individual indeed (in my opinion), because most people will not share what they really think. I like that level of honesty, even when directed at me. I understand that most people do not.

Having an uninhibited nature to do new things or behave in a manner not consistent with societal expectations, witness the way I dress, helps a lot. Suffice to say, you cannot take me out in public without something happening. And I am okay with that.

Why am I okay with that, because for me this works. Even when the shit hits the fan, my way of living works…for me. Smart people do not try to be me. What I do works for me because I am me. Not so smart people, try to do what I do in word and deed and get into a lot of trouble. They do not have a Little Nate inside of them, they have rejected the lessons that can be learned.

tyler_durden_airplane-sceneAccept the lessons of me through the process of internalization; put a little Nate inside of you…and do not do what Little Nate says he would do. Little Nate is not the devil on the shoulder, that devil is your own impulses. Little Nate is a step beyond that, a metaphorical Tyler Durden, if you will. The way you would like to react if you could get away with it.

Little Nate will get you into trouble.

How do you get your own Little Nate? You manage to survive around me for several years. This is not easy. I am not an easy individual. I am fine with that. One day you will be fine with that, especially when you hear Little Nate tell  you how he would handle the situation you find yourself in and you smile and do the right thing.

I have my own Little Nate…wait…no, that works too…sometimes I find ignoring my own voice hard and…you know this has crossed over into self-erotica. To those friends and family who have a Little Nate inside them, thank you for sticking around and keep on ignoring Little Nate as this Nate will get you in more than enough “trouble.”

And now for a picture of a house with a pole in it.




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