Blatant Self-Promotion: Resume and CV Service

I made a promise to myself upon graduation that I would do more to promote my skills and services. I managed to “avoid” that promise for the last six months. I knew about the promise, but something always got in the way of making a formal self-pitch. Thankfully, things are out of the way for now and I can address my self-promise.

Are you in need a resume or CV (curriculum vitae)?

  • A resume is a one page presentation of your attributes, skills, and talents applicable to the job you are applying for. Resumes are to the point, designed to present you in the best light at a quick glance or short read.
  • A CV is a multipage presentation of attributes, skills, and talents you possess. CV’s allow you to present more information, even detailed information, to readers. CV’s give employers a better sense of who you are and what you offer.

Everyone should have a resume, preferably more than one-different resumes for different types of jobs-that are updated regularly.

Are you looking for advice and/or suggestions for an existing resume or CV?

Resumes and CVs should be updated regularly both in content and style. Even if you have all of the right information, if the presentation is boring, the same as everyone else’s, or hard to read your resume will end up in the other pile.

Are you stuck in the middle of crafting a resume or CV?

Deciding what information to include or not to include is tough, especially when there is so much conflicting information. I can offer suggestions on information to include or not or a new way to look at your existing information.

Would you like a second opinion?

You have crafted your own resume or CV, but are unsure of the resume or CV’s presentation, get a second opinion.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I can provide assistance. I have been assisting family, friends, and classmates with their resumes and CVs for the past five years. Practical experience, combined with a Professional Technical Communications degree gives me the skills, talents, and abilities to assist you to craft a resume or CV for the job you are seeking.

The specifics:

  • I do not use templates, each resume is crafted for the individual, their information, and where possible the job. For a fun and creative take on resumes see here (these were designed for an assignment).
  • I charge by the $15 per hour.
  • After looking over your material (for example skills, talents, work history, and school history) I will give you an estimated time to complete, so you have a rough idea how much the bill will be. I keep diligent records of time worked.
  • I can assist crafting cover letters.
  • If you are concerned about personal information such as phone number, etc. all, I can create a placeholder for you to insert your own information when you receive the resume or CV.
  • For a resume: I will need from you as much information as you can provide with a focus on the type of job applying for, work history, education history, and skills and talents relevant to the job. I do not need references unless you want me to craft a reference page.
  • For a CV: I will need any all information you feel you want to give to a potential employer.
  • Important: Regardless of resume or CV, the more information you provide to me the less I have to ask you questions or craft a resume or CV that does not fit your needs. More is better.

If you are interested, send an email to subject: Resume/CV with your questions or information.




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