Nail Clippers, First Two Pages

Because Nail Clippers has larger “chapters” and less organization (at least to my eyes), my initial plan is to edit by pages until I get a better feel for where things went off the rail. Plus, having gone over the first two pages there were a lot of little mistakes that needed fixing before moving onto the big issues. Enjoy. 🙂

Nail Clippers

Striding into their living room, Jetta tossed her husband a light blue towel, tan hat and a pair of nail clippers.

“Lose the clothing. Put on the towel, hat, and meet me on the back porch,” she said heading to the porch.

“Wait. What?” Jax stammered as she walked by.

A block over, Old Man Jenkins peering through his telescope watched a man wearing nothing more than a light blue towel around his waist and a tan hat on his head carrying a pair of nail clippers walk on to the back porch.

“Nail clippers?” Old Man Jenkins mumbled.

To make sure he was not seeing things, Jenkins looked out his window; wiping his eyes, the neighborhood looked in place. What was that man going to do with nail clippers? Jenkins pulled a chair to the telescope and sat down for the show. Holding his foot up, the man put the clippers to use, starting with his big toe. Jenkins knew he should not be watching, but the mystery was pulling at him. Why clippers? Why the hat and towel? When the man shifted in his chair, towel opening, Jenkins saw the man was naked and almost walked away from his telescope.

“You started without me you bad man,” Jetta said walking onto the porch wearing a similar towel around her waist and hat on her head. As she passed Jax, she pushed his hat over his face.

“Hey, I can’t see. I could have cut my toe off,” he said.

“You’d have to saw through that claw you call a toe nail first,” she replied.

“Nice towel,” he said as he adjusted his hat and ogled her breasts.

“The towel is down here,” she replied pointing at the towel, “Now let’s see what we can do about those claws.”

Ogling her breasts a block over, Jenkins wondered what kind of perverted thing he was about to see. As long as she stayed topless, he would watch. Her back to Jenkins, she sat down in front of Jax, spread her legs, hiked up the front of the towel putting her pussy on display for him, and grabbed his foot.

“The clippers,” she said holding out her hand.

He handed her the clippers, his eyes never left the towel…actually, where the towel used to be. Jax never tired of seeing her naked. Moments like this when she teased him, only made him remember why they were such a strong couple.

“Hey! Eyes up here,” Jetta exclaimed, “don’t you want to watch in case I cut off a toe?”

“I’d rather be distracted,” he casually replied.

Riveted, Jenkins watched her clip each of Jax’s toes. With her back to Jenkins the entire time, he almost got up, but something kept him watching. She stood up, dusted herself off and when she turned to the side, Jenkins saw the tent in the man’s towel and so did the woman. With a wiggle of her hips, her towel fell to the porch. Old Man Jenkins’s heart skipped beat.

“Is there room under that tent?” She asked with a wink.

“I’d say there is plenty of room in the tent for you,” he said with a smile.

Jax leaned back in the deck chair; spread his feet, and scooted forward in the chair. Jetta leaned towards his face, her hands on his legs, tits swaying in front of his face, and planted a kiss on his lips. A block away, Old Man Jenkins fumbled with the zoom, blurring the unfolding scene. The flesh colored blur resolved into her back as she knelt down between the man’s legs.

Lifting up the edge of the towel, she said, “Looks awfully dark in there. How can I be sure it’s safe?”

“When you find the massive central column holding up the tent you will be safe,” he replied stifling a laugh.


“Everything is bigger in the dark.”


Together they laughed. From his vantage point, Old Man Jenkins could not see anything in detail; she looked like she was holding up the towel and looking underneath.

“First, nail clippers and now they are laughing, what are they doing?” Jenkins wondered aloud.

When her head went under the towel, Old Man Jenkins resolved to see this through.

Jetta wrapped her hand around her husband’s stiff cock, “Is this that massive column?”

“I do believe you have found it,” Jax said with a pleasurable sigh.

He put a hand on the back of her head and nudged her closer to his cock, “Maybe you should get a closer look?”

“Why is something wrong with it?” She asked while slowly stroking him, “You know this seems pretty loose,” giving him a few quick strokes. “Are you sure it’s safe in here?”


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