Nail Clippers, Pages 3 & 4


Smiling, he said, “I’m sure it’s safe. Perhaps if you hold onto the balls near the base that will stabilize things.”

Giggling under the towel, she continued to stroke him with one hand, while cupping his balls with her other hand. He shifted in the chair. She gave his balls a gentle squeeze, tightened her grip on his cock and used her thumb over the precum on the head of his cock to lubricate her hand. As she sped up her strokes, Jax’s breathing got heavier, the closer he came to orgasm.

Old Man Jenkins watched, the towel pop up and down with ever-increasing speed. If only a gust of wind or bird would snatch the towel away, he could see the action. Neither the wind nor a bird came, but Jax did. Old Man Jenkins mesmerized by the rapid up and down on the towel noticed the telltale signs of a man about to cum right before Jax’s face contorted, his entire body tensed, and then relaxed. Jetta stood up, wiped her hand on the towel before waving at Jax to get out of the chair.

“My turn,” Jetta said while waving Jax out of the chair.

“Babe,” he started with a smirk, “I’m tired.”

“Outta the chair.”

Jax slid out of the chair onto his rear and scooted forward to allow Jetta to sit in the chair before turning to face the chair. She sat in the chair, immediately putting her legs over the arms of the chair. The rapturous look on Jax’s face made her smile. He scooted forward putting his face close to her pussy.

“You are dripping,” he said.

Jax’s hands went to her hips as he put his mouth over her pussy. She sighed with pleasure the second his tongue began flicking about. Jax moaned with pleasure, he stopped licking for her pussy for a second, and muffled something, before resuming.

“You like the taste of meat?” Jetta said with a giggle.

He stopped again and moved his mouth off her pussy to speak clearer.

“Oh no you don’t,” she said, grabbing his head and pushing his mouth onto her pussy, “Whatever you had to say can wait.”

From a block away, watching the woman push his head down, Old Man Jenkins thought, the man did not what he was doing. He looked up from the scope, wiped his eyes, and thought for a moment. Just maybe, he finished his thought as he looked down the scope again. One of her legs had fallen over Jax’s shoulder. Whatever he was doing was doing the trick based on the expression on Jetta’s face.

“That’s it. Right there,” she panted.

Cupping her left breast and pinching the nipple, Jetta kept her other hand on Jax’s head guiding him to the best spot. Between her guidance and shifting her hips to keep her clit under his tongue, Jetta closed in on an orgasm.

“Use your fingers,” she commanded.

Moments later, two of Jax’s fingers slid effortlessly into her juicy pussy; Jetta moaned and bore down on his fingers.

“Oh god,” she moaned.

Encouraged by her moans, Jax licked faster while thrusting his fingers faster. Her pussy gripped his fingers every few seconds and he felt her legs start to tremble. With a shudder and extended moan, Jetta came, soaking Jax’s hand and face with her juices.

A satisfied look on his face Jax leaned back onto his elbows, his cock still erect under the towel. Jetta leaned forward and yanked the towel off tossing it over her shoulder. She slid off the chair into his lap, quickly impaling herself on his cock.

“I want you inside me,” she whispered into his ear as she fucked him.

Jenkins sat down in his chair mentally reviewing what he had witnessed; Jetta mounted Jax and rode him hard; her in the moment, tits bouncing, hands gripping Jax’s shoulders, bouncing up and down on his cock. Jax grab her ass, thrust up into her, and then hold his position before laying down. Jetta stand up and go inside leaving Jax on the porch.

A heavy weight landed in his lap, interrupting his mental porn review, he looked down to find a feline face starring back at him. Absent-mindedly he stroked her fur while making plans. Yes, Jax and Jetta were perfect. Now to approach them. The large black cat purred…

“Such a beautiful black cat,” Jenkins cooed to the cat in his lap.

A loud bang from downstairs broke what was left of his mental review mood.

“What are they doing this time,” Jenkins fumed to the cat.

Stroking the cat a few more times, Jenkins pondered his course of action. A second louder bang, followed by loud voices downstairs forced him into action. Jenkins gently nudged the cat as he stood up. The cat landed on the floor with a thud, looked over his shoulder at Jenkins and strode off. He could never figure out what the cat thought or was trying to say with those looks. Walking down the stairs Jenkins knew what he would find in his kitchen before he got there. The steadily louder conversation clue enough.

“…and I am telling you it is the greatest game of all time,” Chaz said voice cracking.


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