I Wonder If the Donner Party Had This Problem

This week has been about stress.

Sorry, this was supposed to be the latest Puddles and Whiskers, but due to the following:

  • The scene I am revising is getting a HUGE update
  • Barb spent the entire week studying for her NAPLEX test, which required me
  • to keep the children quiet all days
  • to run the house solo (except laundry)
  • to make sure that she had what she needed for the best opportunity for success
  • to keep her sane, quick shopping trip helped
  • inclement weather that turned our driveway into an impromptu skating park for three days straight
  • keeping the children quiet would have been easy if they had school, but three days off and running due to the aforementioned weather

Today, Barb took her test. Now a new type of stress, waiting for the results, sets in. However while waiting all of us need to decompress and relax.

I like to use video games as a form of relaxation and sideways thinking. I do not like to use video games as a form of escape, but I found myself realizing I have been doing that this week. This week by the way started last Thursday.

Where I should have been writing, cleaning, cooking, or doing something I spent my free time playing video games. For those who want to know which games, Destiny and Trove. I despise playing games to escape, but because of the overall nature of life around here for the last week I have been escaping.

Not 100% escapism, as noted above, I have had the self-appointed task/job of ensuring that Barb had all that she needed to achieve success or at least prepare for success. Keeping children quiet, at least ours is normally not a difficult task, except when there are three snow days due to rain, snow, freezing which makes ice which turned our driveway into a skating pond/rink.

Day one, they were quiet.

Day two, I had to speak to them about the importance of keeping quiet and not causing problems around the house. Plus I gave the things to do, which for the most part backfired because my things to do were not their things to do, if you have kids you know what I am talking about.

Day three, cabin fever sets in. The highlight (meaning lowlight) of the day, Barb left for her test, the children sleep in due to yet another snow day. The children are free to make noise and this…

“I don’t want to be in the same room as you. I’m leaving to read.”

“Fine! I’m leaving to read too.”

Both of them end up in my office (read my couch), where this happened…

“I want you to know that I left the room first and because I left the room first I get to read out here.”

“No! I left the room after you because I didn’t walk past you.”

“I still left first.”

“Only because you were in the way.”

Then a round of middle fingers, nasty glares, and my suggestion that they both read in separate rooms or watch a movie. At which point, one of them runs off…

“I’m going to watch a movie and read.”

“I wanna watch a movie.”

Movies are in the same room. See the issue?

At this moment, I am typing this, waiting for more stupid shit to happen, and highly amused because both children ended up in the same room reading silently and patently ignoring each other.

And that is why I can’t play the piano and Puddles and Whiskers will be late.


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