Life On Almost Two Acres

“Good news for those of you who could not make up your mind or who wanted to swim and skate, our open driveway is now skate AND swim.

We have a nice skating loop that starts in the street and goes around to…well the street. Plus, we have multiple swimming locations near the skate loop, front yard, side yard, and in the back forty. Plenty of options for everyone.

Just remember, not liable for cars sliding into you, no life guard, no diving, no running, BYOS, and for a small fee towels, bentos, and access to a phone can be provided.”

That is my status update for the day. Yes, I have Facebook. No, I do not post memes (someone else’s thought), cute cat anything, political stuff, or well to be honest, anything at all other than links to blog, instagram, and something else.

Now that you know how I don’t use Facebook (connect with past why? Network, what a joke). Allow me to explain in that continuing vein of life here on Almost Two Acres because each week of each season is a new lesson. I like learning.

Our driveway is dirt and U-shaped. Our driveway has several holes or pits and lots of ruts. During the summer when we moved in we did not think anything of them other than potential watering hole, avoid with car, and wondering if that is where the mosquitos came from. There was talk of filling in the holes, but we had so much to do that we decided to wait.

That waiting may have been a mistake. No, it was a mistake. The holes and ruts filled with snow. The snow melted. The melted snow or water, froze making ice. The ice is slippery. The ice allowed snow to piled ontop. The on top snow melted. Making more water. The ground froze. The water went nowhere forming a giant initially U-shaped skating rink. That ice melted and spread, turning the U-shaped skating rink into a vaguely oval shaped pond…that froze over.

All of this was okay and someone nice to look at. Except, we needed to walk on it and drive on it and park on it. The skating rink spread from the front yard to the road, the garage, and to the walkway. The ice got thicker and conditions reached a melting point (ha) yesterday. High temps caused more melt, which did two things:

  • melting ice flowed to the sides of the rinks forming deep pools and snow in the side yard and back forty melted and formed new pools. These pools of water are ankle deep in some places (that is deep for snow/ice melt in a yard to people (us) who have lived on a campus for 5-years).
  • water on ice is double slick. So slick that our car got stuck on the ice. I could not take out the trash or check the mail.

People said salt. Great, but salt melts ice and melted ice is water, water flows to low areas (read the pools), which means the pools of water spread and when freezing happens the net effect is nothing changed. As of right now, we have most of a skating U-shaped rink, lots of pools of cold water (polar bear dip anyone?), and plenty of plans to spend a good chunk of spring thaw filling in holes and ruts to ensure next winter the only thing we have to deal with is snow and regular ice.



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